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MBO fully connected to SURF

In October 2023, SURF's Members' Council approved the accession of Media College Amsterdam and Scalda to the SURF cooperative. With the membership of these two mbo-institutions, the representation of the mbo-sector is complete; almost all educational institutions that SURF works for are now members of SURF.
'On behalf of the entire cooperative, I would like to warmly congratulate our newest members. The entire education and research sector benefits from the fact that the mbo is now fully represented within SURF.
Jet de Ranitz, board chair of SURF

MBO institutions have been able to become members of SURF since 2014. Thanks to the services, knowledge and procurement within the security domain, the entire sector has become members at lightning speed. Through SURF, members can make use of the Security Operations Centre (SOC) or Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), among others, to greatly increase their cyber resilience.

'A lot is changing on the social and technological front. Scalda is keen to cooperate with fellow educational institutions in SURF to meet these challenges. That way we can contribute even better to the development of our students and our region.'
Kees Nieuwenhuijse, Board member Scalda

In addition to a large knowledge component within SURF, joint procurement of digital products and services is also arranged centrally through SURF for its members. On behalf of the education and research sector, SURF conducts talks with large tech companies on, for example, the price and conditions associated with software. In this way, we jointly go for the best price and can ensure that the privacy and data of researchers and students are handled properly.

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