Harry Bitter

VR makes preparing and practising practicals life-like

Students often find chemistry practicals exciting. A lot can go wrong, resulting in quite high costs and safety risks. WUR developed a virtual chemistry practical together with the RUG to let students first practice virtually with virtual reality glasses in preparation for physical practicals

A small internal VR project at WUR inspired Harry Bitter to think about the possibilities. Bitter is professor of Biobased Chemistry & Technology at Wageningen University & Research and, in that role, obviously conducts research, but most of all gets a lot of energy from teaching. With his inquiring mind, he is constantly looking for ways to improve education. Not long after his colleague showed the VR application, the SURF call for the Open and Online Education Incentive Scheme came along. Together with a group of colleagues from WUR and the University of Groningen, he submitted a research proposal to apply VR in chemical practicals.

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