OZON: Practice how to respond to a cyber crisis

OZON is a large-scale national cyber crisis exercise that takes place every two years. During the OZON exercise, you will practice how to react to a cyber crisis and find out whether you are already well prepared for a cyber crisis as an institution.

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OZON 2023

The next OZON edition is scheduled for March 2023. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to register

Proper regulation of cyber security

Organisations often pay great attention to fire safety, first aid and other preparations to meet emergency situations. As we become more and more dependent on digital systems, it is becoming all the more important to also regulate cyber security properly. That is why SURF organises a major national cyber crisis exercise, under the name OZON, every 2 years for our affiliated institutions.

Practice with simulations

During the exercise, we simulate all kinds of aspects of a cyber attack. These include infections in the institutional network, (social) media attention, contact with the hacker, questions from students and employees, and messages from service providers. IT professionals, administrators, communications staff and other participants must be able to respond to this in order to repair or mitigate the damage. This allows you to practice and check the extent to which you, as an institution are prepared for a cyber crisis.

Cyber crisis exercise OZON 2021

The cyber crisis exercise OZON 2021 took place on 18 March 2021. More than 65 institutions across the Netherlands participated. Watch the video about this exercise.

Cyber crisis exercise OZON 2021

Terms of participation

We make no charge for participation in OZON. What we do expect:

  • a serious and active commitment
  • an employee who helps to prepare the exercise and to adapt it to your institution
  • the necessary time for the participating employees to be part of the exercise and the subsequent evaluation


Whitepaper cyber crisis exercise ozone: a gap bridging exercise

For whom?

OZON is available for institutions connected to the SURF network. This service is covered by the SURF's basic fee Infrastructure.