NetherLight, the open light path exchange, makes it easy to set up light paths with collaborative partners in the Netherlands and abroad. It can be used for research purposes, data centre services, unified communications, telecom/VoIP, video and more.

Open exchange for all providers of cloud-based applications.

NetherLight is an open light path exchange: anybody can join and link up with an unlimited number of connected parties. NetherLight brings cloud services over light paths, which in turn, enable collaboration with parties abroad. Research universities and universities of applied sciences that have a  Multi Service Port (MSP) on SURFnet7 can use the available bandwidth to easily set up a light path to parties on NetherLight.

Innovative light path exchange

NetherLight is a innovative light path exchange which uses the latest technology, making it a global trailblazer. On-demand light paths were made possible by NetherLight - a world first. The world's first intercontinental 100 Gbps connection was created through NetherLight.

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