Cloud Research Consultancy

Customisation for complex research projects

Are you looking for a customized solution for your complicated research project? Then call on extra support. We develop IT solutions and provide long-term support on SURF's private cloud or on commercial clouds such as AWS and Azure.
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Get advice on tailor-made solutions

We help you with tailored cloud infrastructure solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of your research project.

Improve your research processes

We provide strategies to enhance performance, scalability and reliability of research-related applications and data storage on the cloud.

Take advantage of cost-saving opportunities

We guide you with identifying and eliminating unnecessary expenses, utilizing reserved instances and optimizing resource allocation.

Manage and forecast your expenses

We provide strategies to manage and forecast expenses for research projects running on the cloud.

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Finding the right solution

Applications for data storage, analysis and visualization are constantly evolving. For most research projects, finding the right infrastructure for data analysis is as 'simple' as requesting a large enough virtual machine in the SURF data center. However, other research projects may be more complicated, require a specific framework, or require an entire cluster instead of a single virtual machine.

Consider an IoT project where sensors need to be connected to a platform to store, analyze and visualize the data. The number of devices can range from a few to hundreds, spread across a university campus, production floor or an entire city. This data platform can be hosted in the cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure), at SURF, or both.

How do you determine which solution, framework or cloud is most suitable for your research project? We can help you answer this question and develop the custom cloud solution your project needs.

Our expertise

Are you working on a data-intensive research project and need a solution to analyze, store and visualize your data? Our solution architects can build a custom system from existing components that can handle large data sets from various sources. We have expertise in the areas of design, performance, availability, security, sustainability and manageability. Standard cloud components are used on the public clouds and adapted where necessary.

Our approach

  • Our platforms are scalable, so as your data set grows and requires more infrastructure, the solution can easily scale to meet new requirements.
  • We offer infrastructure (computing, storage), advice and support.
  • Our approach enables maximum portability. The solution can be deployed on SURF's own cloud, commercial clouds (e.g. AWS), or both.
  • If necessary, we can put together tailor-made solutions from existing services.
  • We create an optimized solution that can scale with your computing needs.
  • In collaboration with you we can create a solution that fits your needs perfectly.