Content procurement

Agreements with publishers

As a library of a university or college, make use of our content purchasing service that we contract with national and international publishers on behalf of UKB and SHB. This allows researchers and students at your institution to access the content of many leading (scientific) journals and databases anytime and anywhere. In addition, researchers can publish Open Access themselves under the licence conditions that have been agreed.
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We handle the negotiations

In consultation with UKB and SHB, we negotiate with (inter)national publishers.

Contract management

We draft the contracts, monitor them and liaise with publishers and participating institutions.

Financial settlement

We handle the financial settlement between institutions and publishers and provide transparency to institutions in this regard.

Open Access

Through our involvement in the developments surrounding Open Access, more and more (Dutch) scientific publications are becoming available worldwide free of charge. Admittedly, the costs of publication lie with the institution.


Access for all participating institutions to the concluded contracts, invoices and terms of use in one environment.

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Why is content procurement relevant?

Joining forces with UKB and SHB is necessary to cope with the rapidly increasing influence of publishers. Only together can we enforce better conditions and protect the institutions' public values, especially when it comes to users' data and copyrights (creative commons).

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