understanding copyright on educational resources

The CopyrightCheck tool analyses educational resources provided to students in the digital learning environment (LMS) and automatically classifies them as copyrighted, open access or proprietary works. This provides insight into the use of digital educational resources.
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Raising awareness among teachers about copyright

Knowledge sharing on copyright will make teachers more aware of the use of learning materials in teaching.

Preventing late charges

By offering help and advice to teachers in advance, copyright infringement and back charges are more preventable.

Insight and control through reporting

CopyrightCheck allows institutions to create management reports and report more easily to the UvO Foundation.

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What is CopyrightCheck?

CopyrightCheck provides an overview of learning materials that lecturers and course coordinators share with students within the digital learning environment (LMS). The tool helps gain insight into how much and in what way copyright-protected and open access learning materials are used within the educational institution. This makes it easy for institutions and publishers (represented by the UvO Foundation) to (re)use copyright-protected learning materials.

Interested in CopyrightCheck?

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