Cybersave Yourself

Make staff and students aware of internet dangers

Want to raise awareness of internet dangers among staff and students? Then use Cybersave Yourself (CSY): a campaign and toolkit that playfully raises your staff and students' awareness of security and privacy.
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Within one hour security or privacy campaign

In the Security Awareness Toolkit, you will find materials and information to set up campaigns quickly and effectively.

Ready-made e-learning modules

These online modules are easy to deploy. With easy changes, you add information about how privacy and security is organised within your institution.

Cybersecurity Monday

Every year, CSY participates in global cybersecurity awareness month in October. We share blogs, videos and articles that month. You can attend various meetings and download awareness materials for your own institution.

Awareness working group

With the physical and online meetings of the awareness working group, you share information and knowledge. We exchange material and examples and discuss current awareness themes and topics.

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The online toolkit

The toolkit includes online and offline materials, such as posters and flyers. These cover topics such as passwords, phishing and ransomware, handling data safely and recognising and acting on security incidents and data breaches. The toolkit also includes several e-modules for students and staff. The most recent additions are new e-learning modules created by and for educational institutions.

The toolkit can be found on the CSY wiki: : tips on security and privacy

At, your employees and students can find tips on privacy and security. Through e-learning modules and videos, they learn how to handle data in a cyber-safe and privacy-conscious way.

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