Research Drive

Store, share and collaborate

Does your research team need a lot of storage capacity for research data? Are you working with other institutions, industry or international partners? Research Drive allows you to store and share your research data in an online environment, and synchronise with various devices.
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Secure and flexible collaboration

Share your data securely, conveniently and flexibly with national and international collaboration partners.

Access anywhere, wherever you are

Access your files anywhere, anytime: from your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop.

Your own brand environment

If you need your own branded environment for your institution or for large research projects, we offer a fully supported environment that you customise to your needs.

Comply with policies, laws and regulations

Research Drive is an alternative to commercial cloud storage. The service complies with Dutch and European regulations.

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Access for researchers

Does your institution have its own Research Drive environment?
In the overview of institutions you can see whether your institution has its own Research Drive environment. If your institution is listed and you do not yet have access, you can request access via your institution's IT support.

Are you working at an institution without its own Research Drive environment?
Then apply for access to Research Drive Community Edition here. You will receive up to 5 TB of storage space.

How does Research Drive work?

See in 1.5 minutes how Research Drive works and how this service can help you move forward.

Sync-and-share for research teams

  • Collaborate with colleagues and students inside and outside your institution by sharing data (including via public links), inviting guests, managing groups, assigning roles and responsibilities and using the online office suite.
  • You can access your research project's shared cloud storage folder anywhere and anytime with the user-friendly interface or by syncing to your own device.
  • Users log in securely and easily with SURFconext and multi-factor authentication.
  • You have sufficient storage capacity for research data that no longer fit on your own computer.

SURF as a partner

We offer training courses, second-line support and the opportunity to be involved in the development of new features. Research Drive has an active user group that meets four times a year to discuss feature requests, keep abreast of the roadmap and share knowledge.

Safe handling of personal data

If you use Research Drive, we only process personal data at the request of the person responsible for the data. We process this personal data in the Netherlands and do not transfer it to third parties. Unless we receive permission from the responsible party, or if this is required by law.

Appropriate security measures

We comply with the GIS principles (confidentiality, integrity and availability) of the AVG. We encrypt data during transport using SSL encryption. We alert users to the possibilities of encrypting data they are not actively using. Research Drive supports multi-factor authentication. We periodically subject the underlying systems to security audits and pen tests, looking at the AVG. We also check the systems daily for possible viruses, rootkits and malware.

Model Processor Agreement

We have included the processing purposes, responsibilities and technical & organisational measures in a model Processor Agreement (pdf).

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