Snellius: the National Supercomputer

Would you like to use the largest system in the Netherlands in terms of high-performance computing, fast processors and GPUs, a very fast internal network, lots of memory space and the ability to process large data sets? Meet our National Supercomputer Snellius.



The National Supercomputer has a large number of superfast processors that communicate with each other via the high-speed internal network.

Large collection of tools and libraries

As a researcher, you can use a large collection of tools, compilers and libraries.

Data storage

You get the storage space you need for your files.

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Simulation and modelling

Do you work with large and complex models that require a lot of computing power? The National Supercomputer provides that with a large number of super-fast processors. The system is ideally suited for large-scale experiments, such as simulations and modelling. These require a lot of processing power and memory usage, but also communication between the different processors. An important feature of Snellius is its fast internal network.

Computing power

Snellius runs on Linux. Besides AMD processors, the system also features GPGPUs (General Purpose Graphics Processing Units). These accelerators combine the processing power of graphics cards (GPUs) with that of CPUs. In addition, Snellius has 'fat nodes' with more memory space (1 TB) and 'high-memory nodes' (4 TB and 8 TB of memory space).

Tools and libraries

As a researcher, you can make use of a large collection of tools, compilers and libraries. Are you doing research or experiments in the field of machine learning, e.g. neural networks? The libraries and tools on Snellius make it a lot easier.

Data storage

As standard, you get 200 gigabytes of disk space for your own files (home file system). We back this up daily. You can also use a temporary storage capacity of 8 terabytes. We do not back this up and after two weeks these files are automatically deleted. Do you need additional storage space? We can arrange that for you.

Vrouw pakt rack uit supercomputer Snellius

Meet Snellius! Virtual tour 

Bekijk de virtuele rondleiding door Snellius, inclusief alle technische details over de racks en GPU nodes.

Virtual tour

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This means we meet the high requirements of this international standard on information security.

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Information for users

Extensive information on how to use the National Supercomputer, and its technical specifications, can be found in the Snellius user information.

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