SURF Research Access Management: easy and secure access to research services

Researchers often spend a lot of time arranging secure access to the systems they need for their research. SURF Research Access Management provides research collaborations with fast, easy, and secure access to these systems.

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Easy and secure access to research services

SURF Research Access Management gives members of research collaborations fast and secure access to research services. No more phone calls, e-mails or zero-hour contracts: SURF Research Access Management ensures that researchers quickly have access to the services they need for their research.

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Arnout Terpstra

Arnout Terpstra

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Benefits of Research Access Management?

What can SURF Research Access Management do for your researchers, for research collaborations but also for you as an institution?

  • SURF Research Access Management helps you as an institution to comply better with the GDPR.
  • The research group itself manages access to services via a user-friendly interface; as an institution you retain insight and control.
  • Easy access to both web-based research services and services that are not accessible through a web browser.
  • Secure guest use of research services outside the Netherlands, at other institutions or at other companies.

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