SURFcert: 24/7 support in case of security incidents

SURFcert provides your institute with security incident support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SURFcert also provides you with tools to optimise security within your institute yourself. For example, SURFcert is continuously minimising the nuisance of DDoS attacks.

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SURFcert offers you these tools to optimise your institution's security:

DDoS protection: minimise disruptions

SURFcert helps prevent DDoS attacks and minimise disruptions caused by them.

More about DDoS protection

Assistance in setting up a Computer Security Incident Response Team

A Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) handles security incidents in your network. SURF helps you to set up such a team within your institution and to professionalise it.

Read more about setting up a CSIRT

Join SCIRT and share your knowledge with security experts

Join the SCIRT working group, the place where you can discuss security challenges and exchange tips with other operational security experts.

More about SCIRT

Netflow: network traffic analysis

With Netflow we analyse traffic data from and to your institution. This allows us to detect a network attack early and limit the damage.

Get help from SURFcert

Phone: 088 - 787 30 00

Emergency number (available 24/7):

Phone: 06 - 22 92 35 64

Send confidential messages to SURFcert?

Use the public SURFcert PGP key to send confidential messages to SURFcert and to verify the digital signature from SURFcert.

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SURFcert is accredited by FIRST and Trusted Introducer

Who can use SURFcert?

SURFcert is available to institutions that pay SURF's basic fee Infrastructure.