SURFconext: global access with 1 set of credentials

Let your users log in with 1 username and password to all cloud services your institution uses. Both for services that everyone uses and for services for small specialist teams. Secure, easy and privacy friendly.

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Which services can you use with SURFconext?

With SURFconext, you can offer your users easy and secure access to cloud services from various providers. Below, you can see the services we have already added, or read how, as an institution or service provider, you can link your own services to SURFconext.

Which cloud services can be used with SURFconext?

  • Services that you purchase from service providers and that we have already connected to SURFconext can be used immediately. See which services these are below.
  • Services from other countries that are connected to the worldwide research federation eduGAIN can also be purchased in the Netherlands. Some of these services can be provided directly via the SURFconext Dashboard.
  • Is your service not yet connected to SURFconext? Services that you run yourself as an institution, or that you offer as a service provider, can also be made available via SURFconext. Want to find out more? Mail to or visit our wiki with technical information about connecting services.

Connected services

You will find the 300 most popular services that we have already connected to SURFconext listed below.

Business management
Service Provider Desciption Event software for organising business events
ADP ADP Business processing and cloud-based solutions for payroll, talent management, HRM, etc.
AFAS Software AFAS Software for optimising business processes
Ascme Vorsen Tool for curriculummanagement
AskDephi Askdephi B.V. Performance support solution
BENQUE Ninebits Service that uniformes the processes around ordering on account within contract catering
Bloomreach Experience theFactor.e Software which helps to create, analyse, and optimise audience-specific content and experiences
BlueDolphin ValueBlue Collaborative platform that uses information and knowledge in the areas of business operations and IT
BrandSpot Cordeo BrandSpot enables your marketing organization to be more creative, more efficient and more productive
Bynder Bynder Digital asset management tool
Calpendo Exprodo Modules for communications and marketing: an imagebank for storing digital materials, tools for creating online publications, and a web-to-print service
Cirlinq Cirlinq Platform connecting products and information from production to realisation
Cliendo Cliendo Online client file
Comrads Print Systeem Comrads Core facility management system particularly designed for research facilities
Connexys Connexys Recruitment and job rotation software
Crowdtech research Platform Crowdtech Platform for simple questionnaires to long-term communities
CursusMonitor BusinessMonitor Evaluation tool
Declaree Declaree B.V. Digital expense reporting, streamlining the way your employees report expenses and the way expenses are approved
Desan Research Solutions Specialist in gathering, processing and reporting data for market and public opinion surveys
Digital Storefront Ricoh Reprographical ordering portal: order complex printjobs
DMS Solutions Delcom Management solution for the international sports and leisure industry and universities/schools
Docuboxx Brandportal ISI Publishing Innovators Hybrid brandmanagement solution for managing, generating and ordering of documents, asset management and upload and ordering of print jobs
Easy2Comply Dynasec Supports the identification and assessment of tactical, strategic and operational risks, the implementation of mitigation controls and assessing their effectiveness.
Eduapp Shareworks Solutions Tool that provides an overview of the school's apps to be used
eLabInventory Bio-ITech BV Web-based Laboratory Sample Management System
eLabJournal Bio-ITech BV Web-based Laboratory Information Management System
Esize Esize Netherlands B.V. Online portal for managers and lecturers
Evalytics Zerok, simple and lawful digital sigining
Evidos Signing Evidos Esize consists of Cloud Spend Management Software (CSM) for the complete Source to Pay proces.
Facilitor Facilitor Webbased FMIS and more for facility management, P2P-purchase, service desk, contract management etc.
Findwhere Findwhere Software to facilitate FAFS matters, such as risk inventory, presence of FAFS officers and reports
Formdesk Innovero Software Solutions B.V. App for designing simple and complex online forms and managing the response
GHX e-procurement Manoflex Electronic data interchange between you and your suppliers
Hireserve ATS Hireserve Recruitment software
Hooghuis Sport- en Kledingservice Hooghuis Sportservice B.V. Webshop for clothing, both for sports use and for promotional and business purposes
HR2day HR2day Cloud human resource management and payroll
HumanCapitalCare IT and Care Management system for absence, which has been developed specifically for managers at organisations and companies.
iBabs iBabs B.V. Online environment for paperless meetings
InProcess Brein Digital platform for webportals, businessprocesses and document creation
Jobteaser Jobteaser Platform that provides internships or first-time job opportunities to students and new graduates
LeftClick Web Services LeftClick Online services: Digital Signage, RoomGuide, Presence
Limesurvey Limesurvey Online survey tool
Loopbaanportaal Sollicity Portal for career planning and employability
Mapiq Mapiq Service which helps to use offices in full, by making use of workplace availability, office navigtion, 3d maps and more
My Pick Up Point MyPup Pick up points (secure locker walls) for all logistics flows within the organisation
myPrint Ricoh Print from PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere
Negometrix Negometrix B.V. Platform with functionalities which can be used to automate the tendering process
NEN Connect NEN Online library containing all NEN standards and guidelines
NL Print Xerox Nederland B.V. Cloud solution for uploading, combining, editing and (re)ordering documents (e.g. readers, posters, business card, etc) that gets printed at your central repro department.
Officebooking Blue Officebooking Service for searching for friends or available rooms, and for creating reservations
Okku workplace booking system Okku Online reservation system for workplaces, contains optional smart-building functions
OnStage Xebic Matching, supervision and customer management in the framework of traineeships, final and research projects, studies abroad
Peoplexs Peoplexs Helps to improve services in the areas of HR, administration and organisation
Pep Flex Manpower Online time registration and expense declarations
Petear Wind Internet Online service for digital meetings
Planon  Planon Facilities Management Information System
Position Intelligence Engine (PIE) Lone Rooftop Software for realtime and predictive occupancy metrics of buildings
Printshop Canon Webshop for print assignments. Students are able to order readers via this webportal.
Proactis PROACTIS Group Purchase-to-pay solution that automatea and streamline the entire day-to-day buying process, from request to payment via Accounts Payable.
Procureplan Procurance B.V. Procurement cloud application that provides overviewa of all the key data and milestones of  purchasing processes
Proquro Proquro BV Procurement solutions for both business and public sectors such as education, healthcare and municipalities
QuatroSpect QuatroSpect B.V. Webapplication that captures QuatroSpects' agile change methodology within workflows, specifically for the public sector
Rechtspositie Driessen HRM RAP knowledge system
Redgrasp Redgrasp B.V. Protocols knowledge game
Releezme Locker Management System Vecos Locker management system
Siteimprove TU Delft Platform for web statistics and analyses
SURF Eventregistratiesysteem Summit Registering portal with which users register for events at SURF using their institution account
TelcoView Release TMS Online service for managing a telecom administration
Testersuite Testersuite Management tool that makes structured and pragmatic testing easy
TOPdesk TOPdesk Nederland bv Helps to improve services in the area of IT, Facility Management, or e-HRM
UMC-ALL 2AT BV IT service provider
Validsign Delivery Excellence Digital signature solution
VCK Travel VCK Travel Business travel management system
Vendorlink Vendorlink B.V. Management system for vendor information
Voorlichtingsysteem Web-Walker Online study information
WebElect WebElect Online voting system
WikiXL ArchiXL Wiki which helps dealing with architecture information by providing a Wiki. Connections can be made to reference architectures
Xpressionmanager Xpression BV Standardised delivery of repro assignments
Youforce RAET Tools for human resource management
Service Provider Description SURF URL-shortener for education and research with respect for privacy
eduroam Visitor Access SURF Temporary access to the trusted eduroam WiFi network for visitors
eduVPN SURF Tool to connect securely and easily to the Internet and access private systems
Ezproxy OCLC Authentication software
IRMA attributenserver Privacy By Design Foundation Privacy friendly way to put user attributes on your phone and pass them on to service providers in a controlled manner
Omnicard Omnicard B.V. High end RFID solutions
SURFfilesender SURF Service for secure filesharing
TCS persoonscertificaten SURF (De)activate a personal certificate
Service Provider Desciption
Academic Publishers Brill Publications that focus on the humanities and social sciences, international law and selected areas in the sciences
Atlases of Pathology Masaryk Universitey Access your Adobe Creative Cloud installation via SURFconext
BBC Monitoring BBC Monitoring Database of medical images
Biblibre biblibre Open source software and services for libraries
Bibliu Bibliu Digital content solutions for institutions and publishers
BioOne BioOne Access to insights and reports from newspapers, broadcasts and social media from 150 countries and 100 languages
Browzine ThirdIron Website for journal browsing and reading
BUKU BUKU Online scientific articles
CMS Meertens Instituut KNAW Access to digital textbooks, free for teachers, fixed fee per month for students
DANS DDN KNAW Access to the Meertens Archive and selected services
De Gruyter Online De Gruyter Publisher of titles in the humanities, social sciences, STM and law, many of which based on Open Access,
De Jurist FDMediagroep News and information resource for lawyers in business services
EASY DANS KNAW Dutch Dataverse Network
Ebook Library Proquest Online archiving system for research data
EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Ebook library service
Edudocs Docsonline Research databases, ebooks and discovery services
Energeia FDMediagroep Daily reports on developments in the Dutch energy sector
ESB FDMediagroep Economic journal
Figshare Figshare Access to the documentary library of DocsOnline
Filosofiebank Uitgeverij Boom Database with Dutch philosophy texts
Foleon Foleon Platform to create digital content
IT Bibliotheek Ekcit Digital library offering practical and independent information in the field of IT
Karger medische en wetenschappelijke content Karger Medical and scientific content
KB-lidmaatschap voor studenten Koninklijke Bibliotheek Online portal for current legislation and regulations, statements and comments
kluwernavigator Kluwer Research information system
KNAW Pure KNAW Search service for legal sources
Legal Intelligence Legal Intelligence 50% discount on KB membership for access to its extensive collection of (online) services
Maglr Maglr Platform for publishing interactive content
Mediaweb MediaInfoGroep Search engine and content provider for a select collection of magazines and articles
Metis (Productie NG) Radboud Universiteit Research database
Minoren Kieswijzer Your Next Concepts B.V. Easily browse through available minors based on your study program and your interests.
Nkoda Nkoda Sheet music library
Pensioen pro FDMediagroep Information source for the Dutch pension sector.
PICA OCLC Information/catalogues
Primo ExLibris Library service
Project MUSE Johns Hopkins University Press Research articles
Rechtsorde Portaal Rechtsorde Search engine for legal professionals
Retriever Retriever B.V. Collects data of all Dutch media and processes it into valuable information.
ScienceDirect Elsevier B.V. Scientific information
Springer SBM Springer Access to the sources at Springer
SURF Communities SURF Knowledge platform for people working in the field of IT innovation in education
SURFsharekit HBO Kennisinfrastructuur (HKI) Repository for publications, theses and learning materials from universities of applied sciences
Data storage
Service Provider Description
Cloud Atlantic Cloud Atlantic Cloud hosting
OwnCloud OwnCloud GmbH Cloud storage service
Research Drive SURF Data storage for research teams
SURFdrive  SURF Personal cloud storage for education and research
Service Provider Desciption
Academy Attendance Your Next Concepts Online platform for monitoring, administering and registering student attendance
Ans Delft Ans Platform for online reviewing (by teachers) and reflection (by students)
AskDelphy AskDelphy Workflow tool to support learning
BAES Education BAES Education Digital (blended) learning environment with focus on the teacher
bCisive Kritisch Denken bCisive helps to concretize thinking process by visualisation.
BlackBoard BlackBoard Virtual learning environment
Brightspace Desire2Learn Virtual learning environment
Buddycheck Shareworks Solutions B.V. Learning tool for teachers, e.g. for peer evaluations in your courses
Canvas Instructure Global Limited Learning Management System for education
Centuri Alientrick Work placement information system
Cirrus Assessment Cirrus Formative and summative assessing, including analysis and feedback for staff and students on exams, items and schedules
Coachlink Onderwijs Boom uitgevers Online environment that facilitates coaches
codegrade Codegrade Feedback on code
CompetentieCV CompetentieCV Supports for competency-driven education, in the field of developing soft skills, using peer reviews
CompLing Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Various applications for linguistics, which enable searching Dutch-language corpora
Converis Thomson Reuters Manage information along the complete research lifecycle
Coursera Coursera Education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free
Creëer en Leer Creëer en Leer Online visual arts and drama classes for  schools
Cursio Edia Service for test studying
CyberSecureYourself Game SURF Educational game on information security
DramaOnline DramaOnline Drama method for primary education
Dugga Digital Assessment Dugga Digital assessment tool
E-Portfolio Platform Leerpodium Digital portfolio in which students can see their personal development and results
EduArte Educus Learning Management System for senior secondary vocational education (mbo)
Edubook Edumundo Adaptive, interactive, digital books
Education Online Itellicence Core registration, student tracking system and electronic learning environment in one solution
EduPD Jasbit Platform for practice simulation, for both lecturers and students
Edutrainers academy Edutrainers Continuous development for professionals in education
eLearning Brainstud Services for mbo and hbo, among others 'keuzedelen', and specific courses like 'Goed Werknemerschap'
ExamPlayer 10voordeleraar National cooperation within the teacher training programmes
FeedbackFruits onderwijsconsortium FeedbackFruits Enriching your LMS with didactic innovation
Flywheel Flywheel Platform for imaging and machine learning in life sciences, clinical, and academic research
FormuLeer Senet Eindhoven B.V. Generator for educational documents that works with existing data from sources such as EduArte or OERknal
Gezondeboel Therapieland Online program for students to get started with challenges such as stress, brooding or fear of failure
GoodHabitz GoodHabitz Platform for online learning
GradeWork Xebic Streamlining the entire submitting and assessing processes for all types of work by the student
Grasple IHS Practice platform to collaboratively create and share open exercises for Math and Statistics
Great Library Orbit Games Game based learning environment
Growflow Shareworks Solutions BV Online learning tool
HBO Spiegel Digidoc Online survey tool for education
Hermes Gold Hermes Medical Solutions Browser-based end-to-end clinical workflow application
HITonline UNI Learning Online service that teaches you to search for information and to rate the search results.
IT Bibliotheek Ekcit Information 'from the field' about the improvement of business processes with software
Impacter ID Fuse Application that provides direct feedback on research grant proposals
iQualify Leerstation Zorg Digital learning environment
Itslearning Itslearning Open learning platform which supports the core processes of teaching and learning in education
Kies Actief Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen Set of instruments that can be used to support competency development in (study career) supervision procedures
Kies Op Maat SURFmarket Take elective courses at other Dutch universities
Labbuddy Labbuddy E-learning tool that helps teachers improve their lab classes
Learnsharp Learnsharp Tool for building professional testing environments for students
LesobservatieApp Feeby Tool to get more grip on the quality of the lessons
LetsGetWiser Madlogic Game-engine enabling you to make your own learning games GeoActive bv Curriculum information system and student tracking system
ManualMaker ManualMaker Digital lesson platform
Mentorix Mentorix Learning and content management system
Microsoft IT Academy Microsoft Free courses for employees and students to learn how to work with Microsoft software more effectively Paragin Portfolio service to assist in pofessional development
Mr. Chadd Mr. Chadd Digital education assistant
N@tschool Three ships Electronic learning environment (available under certain conditions via SURFconext; more information:
Onderwijsdatabank EDventure Information system for school personnel, students, education consultants, parents, social workers, and policymakers
OnTrac Xebic Web application for exams in secondary vocational education
Oxford Text Archive University of Oxford Repository of full-text literary and linguistic resources
Parsys Parview Web-based traineeship information system
PedIT 12Change Learning and collaboration environment
Peergrade Peergrade Online platform for peer feedback
Peervue Shareworks Solutions B.V. Decentral peer-to-peer student assessment and review platform
Physitrack Physitrack Application for physiotherapists to draw up exercise programmes and conduct video consultations
Pitch2Peer Uppfin Online Service which helps to submit videos, blogposts, presentations and more and peer review the content
Pluform Pluform B.V. Platform for online student guidance
Plusport Academy Plusport E-learning HR Academy
PortalPlus PortalPlus Cloud Solutions Cloud solutions to support the admission of new students
Presenterswall Presenterswall Online tool to create interaction for, during and after the lecture or lesson
ProF iVTG System for online feedback for progress tests in Medicine Shareworks Solutions B.V. Online learning environment, focusing on supporting active and project oriented education
Prowise Prowise Digital learning solutions
Pscribe Pscribe Nederland Pscribe Nederland
qDNAtool Universiteit van Amsterdam Support in the design and analysis of tests
Qualtrics Research Suite Qualtrics Online survey software voor setting up experiments and studies
Quayn De Rode Planeet bv Exam system for all types of education
Rationale online Kritisch Denken Online argument mapping
RechtenOnline Cali Universiteit van Tilburg Program for the development of interactive modules
RechtenOnline JuridischeBasisvaardigheden Universiteit van Tilburg Online course in which law students learn how to search for information
RechtenOnline Pleitvoorbereid Universiteit van Tilburg Virtual work placement aimed specifically at learning how to plead a case
RechtenOnline ScriptieDossier Universiteit van Tilburg Administrative workflow for the thesis process, including the assignment of a supervisor, plagiarism check, assessment forms and thesis process evaluation
RefWorks Proquest Online research management, writing and collaboration tool
RemindoToets Paragin Online multilingual exam and test platform for developing items, item banks and tests, in a secure environment
Rhinoceros RobertMcNeel & Associates Computer modeling software
ROC Spiegel Digidoc Online survey tool for education
Schrijfwijzer Boom uitgevers Language tips and exercises
Scorion Parantion Tool for personal professional development based on competencies
Security awareness engine awareways E-learning tool in the field of privacy and security
Sharepoint DLWO Hogeschool van Amsterdam Digital learning and working environment
Simac Simac Quadcore B.V. Tool for monitoring presence of students
Simulise Cipemotion Platform where students can introduce themselves, demonstrate their competences and show who they are and what they stand for
Skillstown Skillstown E-learning platform
StrokeViewer Nico.Lab Image processing application for stroke symptoms
studiemeister Noordhoff Uitgevers Online study material compiled and prepared by teachers
Studytube Studytube b.v. Infrastructure to provide personal development plans via online, plenairy and blended courses
Teacher Toolbox Shareworks Solution Find and discuss learning tools offered by your institution
Tentamenlade Sowiso Software platform with an emphasis on science subjects
TestVision online Teelen Webbased system for developing and taking tests, including statistical analysis of questions and tests
The Lab Servant The Lab Servant B.V. A suite of modules to support daily work in the lab, to enhance lab safety and to be compliant with internal/external regulations
ThiemeMeulenhoff ThiemeMeulenhoff Digital teaching materials for ThiemeMeulenhoff's educational publications for higher education
Train Tool Train Tool B.V. Application that provides control over all relevant student progress and coaching information. From registration until certification
Trajectplanner Fringe Company Unlimited practice for communications skills, using mobile phone, tablet or pc.
Turnitin Turnitin Online service for originality check, online classification and peer review of papers
Vaardigheden van de 21e eeuw Comaxx AppLab Tool for making 21st-century skills visible and measurable
Versatest ClearCode Interactive educational content authoring and publication tool
Vitality CrossKnowledge Distance learning solutions
Volg- en leerplatform Educator Education information system for higher education
WebAnno Clarin Web-based linguistic annotation tool
WebEx Cisco Easy videoconferencing via web and mobile or high-end telepresent systems.
weConnect Barco Collaborative studysolutions
WePer4mens Onderwijs Professence Webapp for taskmanagement and rostering of teachers and staff for educational institutions
WO Spiegel Digidoc Online survey tool for education
Xedule Advitrae Planning and scheduling application
Xerte Online toolkit 12Change Open source authoring tool for designing online educational tools.
Service Provider Desciption
4TU.Centre for Research Data TU Delft Repository for research data from the Beta sciences
Altmetric Explorer Altmetric Platform for monitoring and reporting on online activities related to scientific research
BBMRI-ERIC BBMRI Common gateway to the services BBMRI research infrastructure provides for biological data
BBMRI-nl Catalogue UMCG Catalogue of health related biobanks data and imaging collections
CLARIN-diensten CLARIN Infrastructure which makes sure that language resources can be archived and made available to the community
De research manager Cloud 9 Data management system for health care indicators and clinical research in the health care sector
Donders Research Data Repository Radboud Universiteit The web client for Radboud University's research data management service
ELIXIR ELIXIR Common gateway to the services ELIXIR research infrastructure provides for biological data
Incites Thomson Reuters Software for analysing productivity and benchmarking output against peers worldwide
Sport Data Valley Researchable B.V. Platform for analysis and research of data on sports and exercise


Online collaboration
Service Provider Desciption
Box Box Safe way to share content and to collaborate using any type of device
CursusMonitor BusinessMonitor Evaluation solution for education, training and events
Edugroepen 2AT BV Digital cooperative environment based on SharePoint 2016
Google Apps for Education Google Inc. Cooperative tools (email, sharing documents, etc.)
Het Buddy Platform Studeersamen Tool to create virtual communities
Mentimeter Mentimeter Interactive presentation software for managers, teachers and speakers
Mett Mett B.V. Online platform for community, knowledge platform, project website, participation & ideation
Planzelf N-Nine System which enables students to make appointments with their teachers
Popdat Popdat Social medium with your own moderation
Sharepoint Onderwijssamen Hogeschool Utrecht Collaborative site for education
Studentvoorstudent Studentvoorstudent Tutoring platform
SURFconext Teams SURF Tool for management of collaborative groups
Wooclap Wooclap Collaboration platform for interactive meetings
Writelatex Limited Overleaf Online, collaborative LaTeX editor
Service Provider Description
Beats Portal Eumedianet B.V Media management system for supporting media production and the associated workflows
Beeld en geluid op school Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid Online access to thousands of hours of video and audio for  education in the Netherlands
Blue Billywig Blue Billywig bv Online video platform
Easyscreen Notice Narrowcasting software for creating content
HiHaHo - Video Enrichment Talking Telecom Technologies Interactive video
MediaFiler MediaFiler Digital asset management software for marketing and communications. Manage your photos, video, audio & documents.
Mediasalsa AVANS Video distribution service (platform + storage) based on the MediaMosa Site Building
Mediasite Mediamission Mediasite Webcast system for recording and streaming webinars
MediaSpace Kaltura Video platform including data traffic and storage
Panopto Panopto Video platform for managing, live streaming, recording, and sharing videos
Presentations2Go Learning Valley A fully scalable video platform for lecture capture, high-end webcasting and media management in the education sector
VideoLab Codific Secure infrastructure for recording, haring and evaluating multimedia content
Service Provider Description
Adobe Suite Adobe Connect your Adobe Creative Cloud installation via SURFconext
Bandwidth on Demand SURF Interface for managing on-demand light paths
Raadpleging Service


Product for organizing anonymou referendums allowing people to vote via mail, phone or through the internet.

SCIRTgroepen SURF Wiki for SCIRT participants (SURFnet Community of Incident Response Teams)
SURF webinar SURF SURFacademy webinar environment
SURF Communities SURF Platform for sharing knowledge and communitybuilding
SURFconext Dashboard  SURF Overview of cloud services linked to SURFconext
SURFspot  SURFmarket Not-for-profit IT webshop, offering special education discounts
Ticketshop Wilminktheater Discount on tickets at Wilmink Theater for Xtracard holders
Van Dale Online  Van Dale Uitgevers Online dictionaries