Artificial intelligence & machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have tremendous potential. Together with our members, we are doing world-class research into the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning for research purposes. We are also exploring the potential in education and IT facilities.

Neural network

Podcast: AI Innovators

In our podcast series AI Innovators we look at the possibilities of artificial intelligence in education and research. In the first episode, we talk about what AI actually is, and how we can make AI an accessible discussion topic. The second episode is about high performance machine learning.

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Promises of AI in Education

Promises of AI in Education

AI technologies are shaping the educational landscape in different ways. The better we understand these technologies, the better we can apply them in education. This report provides an overview of the educational landscape by analysing AI with concrete examples of existing applications in the educational context.

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Screenshot video 'Effective Machine Learning using existing CPU infrastructure'

SURF, CERN en Intel maken met AI complex onderzoek mogelijk op bestaande infrastructuur

Ron Augustus (chief innovation officer SURF) en Valeriu Codreanu (hoofd High Performance Computing en Visualisatie) gaan voor SURF Magazine in gesprek over de samenwerking van SURF met CERN en Intel. Ze bespreken de voordelen van samenwerking met de markt om tot de beste AI-oplossingen te komen voor toepassingen die relevant zijn voor de leden van SURF.

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Video: GPUs for machine learning

In this film, 3 researchers tell us how they use machine learning in their work.

Research into machine learning

Within the SURF Open Innovation Lab, we are investigating whether machine learning can improve traditional high-performance computing. We are also investigating scalable ways of training neural networks, for example in the area of image recognition.

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Onderzoekers in workshop met beeldscherm

SIG AI in Education

This special interest group (SIG) wants to gather and expand knowledge and insights about artificial intelligence. Both practical applications and ethical and social aspects.


Sharing and finding open educational resources

SURF is investigating smart techniques, such as full text search and machine learning, that make it easier to share and find open educational resources (OER).

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Leerlingen achter laptop met boeken bij Fontys Eindhoven

Automatic speech recognition: what's involved?

From the beginning of 2021, learning resources will be accessible via edusources, the national platform for digital learning resources. Text material is fairly easy to search, but how do you make video and audio material searchable? 

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Data-analyse TU Eindhoven

Successful use of study data

The Educational Innovation Acceleration Plan with IT is working on the opportunities that digitisation offers higher education in the Netherlands. In the Study Data Zone, we investigate the preconditions that make the use of study data a success.

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Help! The pc is smarter than the teacher!

SURF organises the Daphne Riksen writing award to encourage better writing about technology, innovation and education.

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IT facilities

beeld slotje in netwerk

Guarding your network automatically

What can artificial intelligence do for security?

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New insights into your network traffic with artificial intelligence

We have investigated how AI can be used to gain new insights into the SURF network. Based on data from the past, we are able to make predictions up to a year ahead about the load on our members' network connections.

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Compute services

Do you encounter limitations with your own systems? SURF offers researchers a wide range of services in the field of high performance computing (HPC): tens of thousands of times faster than your PC.

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Using study data

More and more education takes place online, allowing us to collect more study data. How do you use this study data in a safe and reliable way to improve education? With learning analytics, study data can be converted into valuable reports for both instructor and student.

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Data and server services

As an institution, you can build and manage your own IT infrastructure. But you can also use these functionalities in the cloud. This is more flexible, scalable and cheaper. SURF offers various solutions to take the step to the cloud, from IaaS to cloud storage.

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