Artificial intelligence
The application of artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role within research, education and business. It offers plenty of opportunities for improvement and acceleration and is certainly leading to a digital transformation within the research field and education as well.
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Matthieu Laneuville

Matthieu Laneuville


AI in operations

AI has a prominent link to SURF activities through research and education. In addition, as an infrastructure provider, AI also has the potential to make IT operations easier and more efficient.

From the national supercomputer and cloud services to the network, from front-line support to specialist insights, a huge amount of data is generated. By using the underlying resources more effectively, we can deliver better services at a lower energy footprint.

We are working on a technical proof of concept to implement energy-aware computing. We are also exploring how to add more intelligence to our network operations. In doing so, we are connecting with other NRENs and various infrastructure partners to share best practices and lead the way in what is possible.

Would you like to contribute to this domain? Then contact us directly or join the discussion in our AI community.