The Experimental Technologies Platform: join and experiment with us

In response to future challenges in scientific research and computing, SURF introduces the Experimental Technologies Platform: an open collaborative environment where the sector can experiment with cutting-edge ICT technologies and methodologies in advanced computing and data-driven science.
Experimental Technologies Platform


About the Experimental Technologies Platform

The Experimental Technologies Platform (ETP) has a broad experimentation scope within advanced computing and data driven science: the platform strives to connect with external infrastructures, promoting cross-disciplinary partnerships and involving external stakeholders.

Scope of the platform

  • Optimizing complex workflows. We aim to facilitate the creation, implementation, assessment, and refinement of complex workflows in research and technology applications. Our mission entails a comprehensive evaluation of all components of the system and their interaction with one another and the environment, seeking to streamline and enhance the entire workflow process.
  • Enhancing energy efficiency and effectiveness. The platform will be equipped with advanced performance and energy monitoring tools which provide transparent, exhaustive insights into both the infrastructure and applications, offering guidance on energy efficiency enhancements.
  • Fostering a vibrant ecosystem where professionals from different backgrounds come together to explore emerging concepts, methodologies, applications and cutting-edge technologies. The ultimate goal is to boost knowledge of Dutch researchers and computational scientists. Information about engagement opportunities will be readily available through various communication channels to ensure inclusivity.
  • Promote knowledge dissemination by organizing workshops, discussions and seminars tailored to both specific and open audiences. Our focus revolves around the practical utilization of experimental technologies and their impact on applications.

For whom?

The Experimental Technologies Platform will be of especial interest for researchers, vendors, application developers and IT engineers developing emerging technologies and methodologies.


For an overview of frequently asked questions and answers: see the FAQ. Also a list of references is available.


SURFs Experimental Technologies Platform has got a dedicated team of expert system administrators and advisors. Are you interested in co-creating and experimenting with new technologies and methodologies? Please share your innovative challenges with us. Contact SURF: Xavier Álvarez Farré, Team High Performance Computing & Visualization.

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