Responsible disclosure

At SURF, we give utmost importance to the safety of systems. However, there can be weak points in systems despite the care we take regarding security. You can report these vulnerabilities to us.

Responsible Disclosure

Hall of Fame

We would like to thank everyone who has reported a vulnerability. The first person to validly report an unknown vulnerability on will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

SURF thanks the following individuals for their responsible disclosure reports:

Name Bronze Silver Gold
Ferran Tufan (Github) 1    
Foysal Ahmed Fahim 1    
Ward Pieters (LinkedIn) 1    
Ritu raj choudhary (LinkedIn) 1    
Mr!dul Vohra (LinkedIn) 1    
Oussama Kasmi (LinkedIn) 1    
Love yadav (LinkedIn) 2    
Name Bronze Silver Gold
Amr Al Hallak 1    
Jefferson Gonzales (Gonz) (LinkedIn) 1  


Kokalagi Rushikesh (3RaasRK) (LinkedIn) 1    
Bharat (mrnoob) 1    
Sheikh Rishad 1 1  
Uddeshaya Srivastava (LinkedIn 1    
Amaranath Moger (LinkedIn) 1    
Trunal Sawant (LinkedIn) 1    
pikpikcu (Github) 1    
Koutrouss Naddara (LinkedIn) 2    
Sujan Shetty 1    
Vikas Srivastava (LinkedIn) 1    
Oussama Kasmi (LinkedIn 1    
Sri sanath (mrpentestguy) 1