Internet of things

It's not just people who are online, "things" such as machines, keys, cars, thermostats and fridges are too. Together they make up the Internet of things. In collaboration with institutions, SURF is examining how the Internet of things could be applied in education and research.

Twee jonge monteurs met elektrische auto en laptop

Researching new wireless technology

SURF is researching new wireless technologies and standards, which include possibilities for the Internet of things. The knowledge we acquire will be shared with institutions.

Seminar about Internet of things applications

In October 2016, SURF held a seminar about the Internet of things. It focused on current applications, giving examples of how IoT is already being used in the home, in healthcare and on campus. We also looked at how institutions can cooperate in this area and the role that participants would like SURF to play. The participants also expressed a desire to set up a low power WAN network with national coverage.

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Experiments and community

SURF wants to enable more people in education and research to access the Internet of things. We do this by supporting institutions keen to experiment with IoT infrastructure. Following this question, we are researching whether building a community around the Internet of things would be beneficial and possible.

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