Internet of things

It's not just people who are online, 'things' such as machines, keys, cars, thermostats and sensors are too. Together they make up the 'internet of things'. In collaboration with institutions, SURF is examining how the internet of things could be applied in education and research.

Twee jonge monteurs met elektrische auto en laptop

IoT: the technology

There are many ways to connect IoT devices. Factors that determine the technology are the location (and cost) of installation, the degree of flexibility, the energy consumption of the device and the availability of an IoT network. SURF experiments with the various network technologies.

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Data streaming platform

An important part of the IoT ecosystem is the way in which data is collected and made accessible to researchers. Legislation and guidelines in the field of privacy and security are at odds with the (open) sharing of data. Given the great and specific importance of data for our community, cooperation is essential.

SURF has therefore developed a modular data platform that is suitable for connecting IoT equipment and for processing and storing streaming sensor data. SURF also develops systems to analyse and visualise the data. The SURF IoT data platform is based around our expertise with data streaming/serverless technology and runs on a Kubernetes cluster. This was chosen because of its scalability and stability. Are you interested in this platform? Please contact us

Green village

Data platform for living lab

For The Green Village in Delft we built a data streaming and sharing platform.

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Watch: video Sensemakers

SURF has developed a modular data platform for connecting devices, streaming sensor data, data storage, data management, analyses and visualizations for the IoT community Sensemakers.

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Internet of things

Smart Campus

In the Smart Campus pilot, we are developing a smart campus together with the RUG and Hanze University using the Internet of Things.
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All kinds of data are collected on a smart campus. For example, motion sensors keep track of whether a room or a desk is occupied. This leads to all kinds of privacy issues. SURF is taking up the challenge with institutions to jointly examine how we can develop a smart campus that supports more personalized education but guarantees privacy.

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