Need advice on cloud and sourcing for your institution?

Need advice on cloud and sourcing issues? SURF can help your institution with its IT strategy and support.

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Do you need advice on cloud and sourcing issues? SURF offers advice on the following topics:

Implementation support for central IT

The Service Managers of SURFcumulus (including Microsoft Azure, VMWare), SURFwireless, and Office 365 can work with you on specific issues relating to these services.

Cloud usage for research

Our consultants can help researchers with:

  • software optimisation
  • design and set-up of computing facilities
  • data infrastructure
  • big data
  • rapid connections between SURFsara systems
  • visualisation

Microsoft Office 365 Regiedienst

This service provides management and support if your institution want to implement the Office 365.

Cloud strategy for your institution

For initial advice or discussion, please contact one of our advisors, or if specifically for research with our community managers: