Future Computing & Networking within the Lab

We focus on understanding and assessing new computing paradigms and ideas to accelerate scientific research together with the SURF community.

Future Computing

Network R&D

Network technology is developing rapidly. We want the SURF network to continue to meet the latest requirements, so we are closely following global network developments in this project. We are looking at which new technologies we can incorporate into our network, and when we can do that, thus also working on the long-term strategy for our network.

Strategy for the longer term

The national SURF network is the foundation on which we offer our services. This network is constantly evolving as a result of technological developments, new features, and the desires of users. In this project, we are determining the long-term strategy for our network. In doing so, we closely follow international developments and select new technologies and concepts that could be interesting for our network.

Following global network developments

The SURF network is part of the worldwide Internet, which means that our users also have access to services and colleagues outside the Netherlands. This means that developments in (research) networks in other countries are also important for our network, and that we are partly dependent on the choices made by suppliers in the field of network technology.

Therefore, we closely follow developments in the network field through

  • Mailing lists
  • Blogs
  • Conferences
  • Scientific articles
  • Contacts with sister organisations
  • IETF and IRTF
  • Open source projects in the network field

Potentially interesting cases are selected for further study. This is often done in combination with hands-on experience in our network lab. We publish the results via reports and blogs and discuss them during presentations. In this process, we investigate the possibilities of implementing new developments in our network in the short or longer term.

2STiC: increasing the security, stability and transparency of the internet

As part of the Network R&D project, we are participating in the 2STiC project. A number of Dutch organisations are working together in this project. The aim is to develop, evaluate and experiment with mechanisms that increase the security, stability and transparency of the internet.  In doing so, we want to put the Dutch and European network community in a leading role.

In addition to expertise, we provide a nationwide 100G testbed for the 2STiC project.

Who do we work with?

  • AMS-IX
  • NDIX
  • Nikhef
  • NLnet Labs
  • SIDN Labs
  • TNO
  • Delft University of Technology
  • University of Amsterdam
  • University of Twente