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SURF stops using X (Twitter)

From 2 May, SURF will stop using X (formerly Twitter) as its communication channel. The reason is that X no longer matches SURF's public values such as humanity, autonomy and justice. Also, the reach is declining on X and more and more academics and researchers are leaving the platform.

SURF can be followed for daily news and updates on the open source platform Mastodon and the better-moderated LinkedIn.

Academics and researchers leave X

We believe it is important for researchers and academics to be able to express themselves freely on the platform. Due to recent developments on X, such as the lack of moderation and the increase in discriminatory content, more and more researchers and academics have left for X alternatives.

Open source alternative Mastodon

SURF embraces open-source alternatives. Mastodon is an alternative to X (Twitter). In February 2023, together with the Universities of the Netherlands (UNL), we launched the Mastodon environment for education and research. You can follow SURF and many other education and research institutions on Mastodon.

SURF is leaving X together with G√ČANT, the collaboration of European National Research and Education Networks (NRENs).

Follow SURF

You can continue to follow SURF on LinkedIn, Mastodon and the SURF Newsletter.

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