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Taxila: the hub for research data training courses and events

Time for some personal development through events or training courses? Scouring the websites of 14 universities, 36 colleges and other institutions seems impossible. Fortunately, there is now a solution: Taxila. This platform provides an overview of all training courses in the field of research data, research software and open science.

All training courses on research data and software management in one place

Taxila currently brings together events and training courses on research data and software management from 16 participating parties. These include nine universities, DANS, NWO, OSCM, eScience, DTL, LCRDM and SURF. And this number is still growing.

Always up-to-date offer of training courses and events

On Taxila, the list of training courses and events is constantly updated automatically through scraping, but it is also possible to add new events manually. This keeps the offer always up-to-date. The ultimate goal is for Taxila to become the national hub for training courses and events. The platform has been further developed by SURF and LCRDM based on the technology (TESS) used by ELIXIR for their platform. This initiative is a collaboration between SURF, RDNL, LCRDM, eScience Center, VU, OSCS and DCC PO.

Discover and develop yourself

With Taxila, you no longer have to search for interesting events and training courses. The platform offers a well-organised and up-to-date selection, allowing you to spend your precious time on your personal development. Discover the opportunities Taxila has to offer at

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