• Telindus wins tender for SURFnet8 service layer

    News - SURFnet has provisionally awarded the contract for the service layer of SURFnet8: Telindus won the selection. In 2018 we will be starting on the implementation of our new service layer.

  • Visualization Competition: show us your research!

    News - Do you use the Dutch National e-Infrastructure for your research and do you have an awesome, interesting or fun visualization of your work to show? Then enter your visualizations in the SURFsara Visualization Competition and win a prize of 500 euros.

  • Creating a virtual human

    News - One day your doctor will be able to recreate you in a computer so that a virtual version of you can be used to work out the treatments that work best for you. Among those at the forefront of global efforts to create this virtual human is the CompBioMed consortium led by University College London. SURFsara and UvA are two of its Dutch partners.

  • Sign up now for Super D

    News - Register now for the annual SURFsara Super D Event on December 12, 2017, where science and technology meet. Catch up on the latest developments in the field of high performance computing and data. Get inspired by top scientists and share your knowledge with fellow participants.

  • First SURFnet8 migration on production network is successful

    News - During the night of 22/23 August, engineers from Quanza and SURFnet migrated the first branch in SURFnet's production network. This represents an important step in the implementation of our new optical layer!

  • Badgr selected as platform for proof-of-concept with open badges

    News - SURFnet has selected the Badgr open source platform for its proof-of-concept to allow institutions to experiment with creating and awarding open badges. Under this agreement, the participating institutions have access to the latest version of Badgr, while SURFnet will contribute to future development of the platform and the open badge standard.

  • OpenID Connect now available in SURFconext for suppliers

    News - Suppliers who want to connect to SURFconext are now able to choose from two open standards for their technical connection: SAML and OpenID Connect (OIDC). There are more default implementations that use OpenID Connect, making it easier for services to connect to SURFconext. The first supplier is already connected.

  • Distinguished Paper Award for Roland van Rijswijk-Deij

    News - Roland van Rijswijk-Deij, SURFnet employee and researcher at the University of Twente, and his co-authors, received a Distinguished Paper Award. The paper provides a comprehensive view on the state of DNSSEC deployment. They received the award during the 26th USENIX Security Symposium held in Vancouver.

  • SURFnet partners the National eScience Symposium

    News - On Thursday 12 October, the Netherlands eScience Center will host the National eScience Symposium 2017 – Science in a Digital World. As a partner of this event, SURFnet is involved in all the sessions on the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Last Call For Science Demonstrators For The EOSCpilot Project

    News - The European Open Science Cloud for Research pilot project (EOSCpilot) is supporting the first phase in the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) as described in the EC Communication on European Cloud Initiatives. SURFsara is partner in this pilot project and can offer local support.

  • Join the Learning & Student Analytics Conference

    News - Learning & Student Analytics is steadily making its way from research to practice. To promote the available evidence, technology and many examples of good practices, the Amsterdam Center for Learning Analytics (ACLA) and the Eduworks-Network are organising a Learning & Student Analytics Conference, October 26 and 27 at the University of Amsterdam.

  • Save the date: Super D event, December 12

    News - The annual SURFsara SUPER D event on science and technology will take place on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at Westergasfabriek Amsterdam. Block your agenda if you want to catch up on the latest insights in large-scale computing and data!

  • SURFnet monitors impact of Root KSK Rollover in Root Canary Project

    News - DNSSEC validates digital signatures in the DNS by using the Root Key Signing Key (Root KSK). During the course of 2017/2018, this key will be upgraded for the first time. SURFnet, together with five other institutions, is monitoring and analysing the impact of this upgrade as part of the Root Canary Project.

  • Erik Huizer appointed interim CEO at GÉANT

    News - Erik Huizer, CTO SURFnet, is the new interim CEO of GÉANT, the pan-European research and education network, with immediate effect. As the result of this appointment, Huizer will temporarily suspend his activities at SURFnet. Once GÉANT has recruited a new permanent CEO, Huizer will resume his position as CTO at SURFnet.

  • Second release of SURFnet Network Dashboard available: Set up your own light paths

    News - The second release of the SURFnet Network Dashboard is now available. This release allows you to set up light paths between MSPs (Multi Service Ports) yourself without the SURFnet NOC having to be involved. This functionality is available to all institutions with an MSP.