• Huawei and SURFsara join forces for ICT innovation in Smart Healthcare and Smart Energy

    News - Huawei and SURFsara announce their strategic partnership for stimulating ICT-technology innovations in the fields of Smart Healthcare and Smart Energy that will benefit society and a sustainable economy. Today, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for this collaboration has been signed.

  • SURF Legal Standards Framework for (Cloud) Services – English version

    News - The SURF Legal Standards Framework was amended in October 2016. A number of legal documents were incorporated into the Framework in an annex. The Framework was also made clearer. Practical guides are now provided on various topics. Due to numerous requests, the document and its annexes are now also available in English.

  • Setting up light paths using the SURFnet Network Dashboard

    News - The beta version of the second release of the SURFnet Network Dashboard is being tested by a number of institutions. Users in 'infrastructure manager' roles are assessing the latest functionality: setting up light paths between Multi Service Ports (MSPs). After a test period, this functionality will be available to all institutions with an MSP.

  • Collaborating on big data to unravel disease processes

    News - Patients with the same illness often receive the same treatment, even if the cause of the illness is different for each person. Six Dutch university medical centers are combining forces to chart the different disease processes for a range of common conditions.

  • Research data zones improve collaboration on data-intensive research

    News - Last week, the SURF innovation project Research Data Zone was launched. The UvA/HvA and SURF are collaborating on a campus network infrastructure that is optimised for sending research data. The aim is to create a blueprint for a research data zone architecture so researchers can more easily collaborate on data-intensive research.

  • Winner Visualization Challenge 2016 announced at Super D Event

    News - The winner of the SURFsara Visualization Challenge 2016 has been announced at the Super D Event on December 15th, 2016. The winning entry, 'Thermohaline Staircase', is from Yantao Yang, Detlef Lohse and Roberto Verzicco from the Physics of Fluids group at the Unversity of Twente.

  • Roland van Rijswijk-Deij wins international prize for research into elliptic curve cryptography

    News - Roland van Rijswijk-Deij (SURFnet and University of Twente) has been awarded the Applied Networking Research Prize by the IRTF (Internet Research Task Force). He investigated the use of elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) in combination with DNSSEC.

  • SURF contributes to the fastest network in the world

    News - Every year, the experimental SCinet network is built for the SC-conference (Super Computing). SCinet is with 3Tbps the fastest network in the world. SURF contributed to build SCinet and used the network for a demo of network function virtualization.

  • ECI delivers new photonic layer for SURFnet network

    News - Following the award of the tender in October, on 16 December ECI and SURFnet signed a contract for the photonic layer of the SURFnet network. The next generation of the SURFnet network, SURFnet8, will feature ECI's extremely high-speed (100 Gbit/s) Apollo platform for optical channels and the latest ROADM technology.

  • SURFsara obtains ISO 27001 certification for information security

    News - On 2 December, SURFsara obtained ISO 27001 certification for information security. Purchasers of our services need to be confident that the research data and other confidential information stored and processed by SURFsara is in safe hands.

  • New tender for the SURFnet8 service layer published

    News - The new tender for the SURFnet8 service layer was published on Thursday 1 December. SURFnet is looking for a partner that will provide network equipment and software for the SURFnet network service layer. Suppliers can respond to the tender until 31 January 2017.

  • First pilot with E-SIM a success

    News - In the summer of 2016, SURFnet collaborated with the professional branch association for large-scale users of ICT and telecommunications (BTG) and Aspider on a successful trial involving the migration of a mobile phone from one operator to another without changing the SIM card. To do so, we used the new embedded SIM, E-SIM.

  • Utrecht University of Applied Sciences to start a learning analytics experiment

    News - Utrecht University of Applied Sciences is starting the learning analytics experiment in the Statistics course. 200 students studying Technical Business Management will participate. Also, the online study activities of over 50 students in the Curriculum Design and ICT-based education modules of the English teacher programme will be researched.

  • Lecture dedicated to the memory of Marianne van den Boomen

    News - On Thursday, 24 November at 5 PM the first annual Marianne van den Boomen Lecture will be held at Utrecht University. This lecture series is dedicated to the memory of Marianne van den Boomen (1955-2014), a Dutch internet pioneer who wrote on information technologies from as early as 1984. You can register for the event now.

  • New datacenter maintains Dutch science's global top position

    News - The opening of the new SURFsara datacentre has meant that scientific research in the Netherlands can continue to compete with other global leaders. This is thanks to the growth options for procession power and data storage capacity.