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SURFsounds special Cybersteering

How do you navigate through attacks, hacks, breaches, protocols, behaviour, measures, resistance and necessity at board level? In this series, we look for answers to the questions: where does the Netherlands stand, what does it look like when things go wrong, how do you get the right information, how do you motivate people and how do you make the right choices?

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In this series, we interview various experts in cybersecurity and risk management. Listen to the new series now in your favourite podcast app. Four episodes, 10 experts, one goal: Together making Dutch education and research safe and resilient.

Listen now to the first episode with sought-after cyber expert Bert Hubert on the current risks of, among other things, high dependence on Big Tech and Anthony van der Meer, associate advisor at Clingendael on the current state of cyber threat in the Netherlands.

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