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SURF Research Day 2024: the national conference that connects research, IT, and innovation. The event is organized annually, and admission is completely free of charge.

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About SURF Research Day

SURF invites researchers, research supporters, data stewards, PhD candidates, and policymakers from diverse academic and industry backgrounds to explore the theme of "Building Bridges" at this year's Research Day event on May 30th in the Prodentfabriek in Amersfoort.

This interactive day is dedicated to fostering connections, exchanging knowledge, and celebrating advancements in research, IT and support. The primary objective is to foster connections between researchers, advocates of research, and the varied subjects that fuel innovation.

Research day is completely free of charge for SURF members.

Theme and topics of Research Day 2024

AI Advancements: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Technology

Delve into the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. Explore how AI can be effectively utilized in research or become a subject of study. Engage in discussions about the responsible use of AI and identify key themes that should be considered when integrating AI into research methodologies.

Open Science Initiatives: Bridging transparency and accessibility in research

Investigate ongoing initiatives that promote transparency, accessibility, and reproducibility in research. Share your involvement in projects focusing on FAIR principles or open scholarly communication. Building bridges in open science is crucial for enhancing collaboration and accelerating the pace of discovery.

High-Performance Computing: Bridging the impact on research

Examine the profound impact of high-performance computing on research and brainstorm strategies to address challenges, such as sustainable infrastructures. Building bridges in the realm of HPC is essential for unlocking new possibilities and optimizing computational resources.

The Future of Computing: Bridging innovations on the Horizon

Engage in discussions about emerging trends in computing, from quantum to edge to neuromorphic computing. Explore what lies at the forefront of computing innovation and how these advancements can shape the future of research.

Data Management Best Practices: Bridging quality and collaboration

Address best practices in data management and collaborative efforts to ensure data quality, standards, and storage. Explore topics such as data repositories, interoperability, and necessary training. Building bridges in data management is crucial for effective collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Cloud Computing Solutions: Bridging the gap between technology and research needs

Explore current cloud computing solutions and brainstorm ways to improve scalability and cost-effectiveness. Identify technologies that push the boundaries of research and facilitate collaboration within research communities. Building bridges in cloud computing is key to maximizing the potential of available technologies.

Connecting with the SURF Community: A day of inspiration

Connect with fellow researchers, peers, and the vibrant SURF community. Draw inspiration from prominent speakers, share your thoughts on hot topics, and learn effective ways to leverage high-end IT solutions. Discover this year's SURF Research Support Champions and celebrate a day dedicated to building bridges through connection and knowledge exchange.

For whom?

SURF Research Week is for researchers, research supporters, data stewards, PhD candidates and policymakers at universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes, university medical centers, and industry. 

The location of Research Day 2024

The Prodentfabriek, Amersfoort

The Prodent Factory is a former production hall of no less than 1000m2. At this venue, you will experience the perfect combination of historical charm and state-of-the-art technical facilities that will provide you a pleasant visit. Route description to the Prodentfabriek can be found here

More about the Prodentfabriek

Ontdek de Prodentfabriek


The Prodentfabriek is the most sustainable event venue in the Netherlands. At SURF, we try to make sure that SURF Research Day has as little impact on the environment as possible. We do this by looking at material use and recycling, water compensation and waste disposal. 

Read more about the sustainability of Prodentfabriek


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