Academic publications and other journals and databases relevant to higher education and research are published by both national and international publishers. SURFmarket concludes agreements with these publishers, allowing organisations to gain access to content under favourable conditions.

Negotiations on behalf of libraries

SURFmarket negotiates with the publishers on behalf of UKB, the consortium of the 13 Dutch university libraries and the Royal Library and SHB (the consortium of libraries at universities of applied sciences). The range is available to SHB and UKB members as well as to organisations which do not belong to one of these 2 consortia.

Comprehensive range

To satisfy the requirements of research institutions, university libraries and other clients, SURFmarket provides a comprehensive range. Currently libraries can conclude licences for the content of major international publishers such as Elsevier, John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Sdu Uitgevers and Springer. However, specialist Dutch-language databases are also available, for example in the medical and legal fields.

Effectively promoting interests

SURFmarket is in regular contact with the libraries' consortia, allowing us to satisfy the requirements of the higher education sector as effectively as possible. We reach the keenest agreements with publishers, ensuring the most favourable conditions. These agreements are laid down in so-called mediation agreements.

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