Data Archive

Secure, long-term storage of research data on tape

The Data Archive is the centralised location for data archiving and (long-term) storage. You can securely store research data there, even in volumes running into the petabytes. It is possible to shape your data management policy through the use of the EUDAT B2SAFE service. The archive provides quick access to SURFsara's computing facilities.

Long-term data storage

The Data Archive service is designed for long-term data storage. In this way, it differs from back-up systems, which are meant for recovering data which was accidentally lost. The archive is aimed specifically at the secure storage of data that are not actively used. For instance, researchers can opt to 'freeze' data from an article, or store raw data which need to remain accessible for future research. Data allocated to the data archive is saved in 2 tape libraries at 2 separate locations in the Netherlands: Amsterdam and Almere.

Archive access

You can transfer data to the Data Archive online. The Data Archive supports a whole range of data transfer protocols, such as (HPN)SCP, SFTP, rsync and GridFTP. These protocols are compatible with both Linux and Windows environments. You can log into the Data Archive via SSH and manage your data via the command line.

Data management

For each project, you can indicate how long the data should be stored and who are authorised to access it. That way, it is possible for a research group or consortium to obtain access to the data. When it comes to data management, we generally adhere to the B2SAFE guidelines, though we may deviate from them in exceptional cases. We can then create a customised data policy with the aid of the iRODS data management system used by B2SAFE.

Support & consultancy

Data Archive users can always count on us for support. For example, we can help you access the Data Archive and save your data to the right location. We can also advise you on making the data referable by linking it to persistent identifiers, or through the use of Data Persistent Identifier.


Our helpdesk is available by telephone and email, but can also assist you in person. If you have any questions, or want to report a problem, please send an email to or phone +31-20-8001400. The helpdesk is available during office hours (9:00–17:00).

For more in-depth advice on matters such as the configuration of your data infrastructure, please contact one of our consultants.


For more information, please contact us at

This is an optional service by SURFnet and SURFsara.

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