eduroam - Secure online access with your own credentials

eduroam gives students, lecturers, staff and researchers quick and easy access to the fixed and wireless networks at their own institution and at other institutions that offer this service. At more than 12.000 locations in more than 85 countries.

Easy access to networks of participating institutions

Students, lecturers, staff and researchers with an account can use the eduroam network at education and research institutions that offer eduroam. And in addition at a growing number of city centers, kiosks, convention centers and other public locations.

The basis for eduroam is a hierarchy of linked authentication servers via which user details can be transported securely between institutions.

eduroam Visitor Access

Not only do institutions provide guest access for students, lecturers, staff and researchers with an eduroam account from another institution; they can also give their own visitors, who do not have an eduroam account, access to the eduroam network using eduroam Visitor Access.

eduroam Monitoring System

Using the eduroam Monitoring System, IT administrators can see in real time whether the eduroam authentication mechanism is working properly. They receive answers to questions such as: can our students, lecturers, staff and researchers go online on eduroam networks elsewhere in the Netherlands?, and: can guest users at our institution go online or might there be a configuration error or fault?

Rates 2017

There is no extra charge for eduroam because it is covered by the fixed connection charge for SURFnet. 

For the optional eduroam services, these rates apply:

  • eduroam Monitoring System: first two sensors are free of charge. From the third sensor on, you are charged EUR 406 once per sensor (excluding VAT)
  • eduroam Visitor Access: EUR 255 per month (excluding VAT)

Apply online for eduroam

The institution's contact person can apply online for eduroam via SURFdashboard (in Dutch).

More information

This service is included in SURFnet's core package.

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