eduroam gives staff and students quick and easy access to the fixed and wireless networks at their own institution and at other institutions that offer the service, whether in the Netherlands or elsewhere.

Easy access to host institution's network

eduroam uses globally interconnected authentication servers to allow users to connect easily to the network of an institution where they are a guest by means of their own wireless device. For example: a student at Delft University of Technology is taking some courses at Eindhoven University of Technology. He can use eduroam to utilise the fixed and wireless networks at both institutions, without any additional configuration being necessary. The method of authentication makes it extremely secure.

Secure connection

The basis for eduroam is a hierarchy of linked authentication servers via which user details can be transported securely between institutions. The user's own institution keeps track of these details and checks them, including when the user is a guest at a different institution.


When a user at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is a guest at the University of Amsterdam, for example, the authentication server at the latter institution will send the user's details to the former institution. Only when the authentication server at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences indicates that the user is known to it (i.e. the user name/password combination is correct) will the server at the University of Amsterdam give the user access to that institution's network.

Participating institutions

Institutions connected to SURFnet can make use of eduroam. A large number of Dutch institutions are already participating. Please see the overview at eduroam is now available in more than 75 countries.

Rates 2017

There is no extra charge for eduroam because it is covered by the fixed connection charge for SURFnet. 

For the following optional eduroam services, these rates apply:

  • eduroam Monitoring System: First two sensors are free of charge. From the third sensor on, you are charged EUR 406 once per sensor, excluding VAT.
  • eduroam Visitor Access: EUR 255 per month (excluding VAT)

Apply online for eduroam

The institution's contact person can apply online for eduroam via SURFdashboard (in Dutch).

More information

This service is included in SURFnet's core package.