Jupyter Notebook

Accessible and interactive data analysis for research and education

Jupyter Notebook is an interactive web application in which you can create documents. This application is popular within the world of big data research, education and in all fields where you need quick insight into data.
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Interactive web application

A Jupyter Notebook is an interactive web application which you can use to create documents, known as notebooks, that contain computer code, formatted text, comparisons and visualisations. The code can be executed in the environment and you can even create streaming applications and dashboards. SURFsara is automatically deploying a notebook environment for all registered users.

Share research data

Jupyter supports various programming languages and can be expanded with a variety of plug-ins, such as those for data visualisation, high performance computing simulations, dashboards and automatic test scoring. Jupyter also makes it easier to distribute research results, as notebooks are easy to share with others.

Big data

Jupyter Notebooks can also be used as a user interface for big data frameworks, databases and computer clusters. For example, SURFsara offers Apache Spark users (one of the most popular frameworks for processing big data today) the option to gain access via Jupyter notebooks.

Open source

Jupyter Notebook is open source and can be accessed from any browser. You don't need to install any other software so it ties in well with the bring-your-own-device approach. SURFsara uses Jupyter Notebooks as a teaching aid, in particular, for courses about big data, Python, and use of Apache Spark.

Further information and contact

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