Affordable pop-up free certificates

SURFcertificates ('SURFcertificaten') provides several types of certificates for users at affiliated institutions. Certificates are essential for ICT-security.

Affordable DigiCert certificates

SURFcertificates can deliver affordable SSL/TLS server certificates, client certificates, and code or document signing certificates. Our server certificates are recognised by all major browsers so that end users do not need to assess and accept it via a pop-up window. SURFcertificates are acquired through DigiCert, a reputable world-wide certificate authority and available as non-EV or EV certificates.

Improve ICT security

Certificates are an important tool for effective ICT security. They ensure that the information passed between a web server and a browser is secure and that the browser can assure it is communicating with the proper web server. In addition, client certificates can be used as an alternative to user name and password for authentication, or to sign e-mail messages and documents. Developers can use code signing certificates to digitally sign apps and other software if required.


Server and client certificates are available as grid certificates as well. They can be used within the eScience community.

Who can use SURFcertificates?

The SURFcertificates service is aimed at administrators of (web) servers, as well as others responsible for ICT security. An institution’s contact person can apply online for SURFcertificaten via the SURFdashboard.

Rates 2018

SURFcertificates have a monthly fee of EUR 132 per month (excluding VAT) irrespective of which type of certificate or how many certificates you request (flat fee).

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Latest modifications 14 Feb 2018