SURFcertificaten - affordable pop-up free certificates

SURFcertificaten (‘SURFcertificates’) provides advantageous certificates for users at affiliated institutions.

Pop-up-free certificates

The SURFcertificaten service makes it possible to utilise advantageous pop-up-free SSL server certificates, person certificates, and code-signing certificates. Pop-up-free certificates are recognised immediately by browsers so that end users of a certificate do not need to assess and accept it via a pop-up dialogue window.

Aid to ICT security

Certificates are an important aid to effective ICT security. They ensure that the information that passes between the web server and the browser is encrypted. A personal certificate also provides a much more reliable method of identification than the usual combination of user name and password.

Who use SURFcertificaten?

The main target group for this service is made up of administrators of web servers, as well as people responsible for ICT security. The institution’s contact person can apply online for SURFcertificaten via SURFdashboard.

Rates 2017

Server certificates and personal certificates cost EUR 132 per month (excluding VAT). This is a flat-fee charge: you can request as many certificates as you wish without supplement.

Sign-up and more information

This is an optional SURFnet service.

Contact us:

Bart Bosma

Technisch productmanager Trust & Security

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