What is SURFconext?

1 account. Global access. Secure and reliable

Your students, teachers and researchers are increasingly using cloud services. You want them to be able to access these services easily and securely. This is where the SURFconext infrastructure can help you: authentication and authorisation are largely centralised, so your users can log in to all services securely using their institution's account.

A single link to a range of different providers

Institutions are increasingly connecting to the cloud services of a range of different providers. SURFconext makes life easier for your institution: you only need a single connection with SURFconext rather than a separate connection for each service. Authentication, authorisation, group management and agreements regarding privacy and security are, to some extent, organised centrally by SURFconext.

Simple access to cloud services

Access using account issued by institution

With SURFconext, your users can access the services of a range of providers quickly and easily. Users log in with their institution's account and gain secure access through a single sign-on to the services that you make available. This offers new opportunities for collaboration within and between institutions – including on an international scale.

Campus-wide ánd personalised services

Institutions use cloud services internally in a number of different ways. Campus-wide services, such as email or a digital learning environment, must be accessible to all users. However, SURFconext also provides access to more personalised services. These are services that are often used by only a handful of people, such as a research team or a lecturer with a group of students.

Choose from more than 170 cloud services

Your institution can choose from more than 170 cloud services that are connected to SURFconext. These include services in the field of online collaboration, storage, video and research, to name but a few. Examples include Google Apps, N@tschool and Kluwer Navigator. Which services are best suited to the needs of your users? Create a selection of services and make them available to your students, teachers and researchers. If you have a query regarding the provision of cloud services through SURFconext, please contact info@surfconext.nl.

Integration of internal and external online services

SURFconext is also increasingly being used to access internal ICT systems. This enables institutions to use SURFconext to integrate their external and internal online services and make them available to users. In total, more than 450 services offered by both institutions and commercial providers are connected to SURFconext.

Additional functionality

Extra-secure access to cloud services with strong authentication

With SURFsecureID, your institution can ensure that access to cloud services, whether they are connected to SURFconext or are services used within the institution, is even more secure by applying a second authentication method. This can be useful for cloud services involving more sensitive data, for example.

Keeping control over access to services

With SURFconext Authorisation Rules, institutions can decide for themselves whether to make a service connected to SURFconext accessible to everyone or whether to restrict access to a specific group of users.

Centralised management of collaborative groups

With SURFconext Teams, users can easily set up a collaborative group with users from different institutions. Group management and access to content and functionality is managed centrally. The groups can be reused for specific services connected to SURFconext.

Contractual agreements

SURF concludes agreements with all service providers that offer services on SURFconext. Through the agency agreements, SURFmarket ensures that effective contractual agreements relating to licensing and privacy are in place between the institutions and the service providers based on the Legal Standards Framework for (Cloud) Services. A connection agreement will be concluded where service providers have already concluded licence agreements with institutions. If you, as an institution, offer a service through SURFconext, you must comply with the SURFconext privacy policy. As you can see, then, we make life easier for you in various ways.


The SURFconext service is included in the fixed connection charge for SURFnet. The SURFconext strong authentication functionality is available for an additional charge.

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