Wi-Fi as a Service, reliable and of high quality

Your users expect a fast Wi-Fi network that is available any time, any place. Purchasing and maintaining such a network requires a great deal of time and expertise. SURFwireless is now offering Wi-Fi as a Service, a reliable, high quality Wi-Fi network. You pay per access point per month.
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Wi-Fi any time, any place

Students, lecturers, staff, researchers and visitors expect a Wi-Fi network that is always operational, accessible from any location and offers high connection speeds. However, it is difficult to offer this type of network. Wi-Fi networks must be compatible with a growing number of mobile devices, and users expect to have access to the latest wireless services.

SURFwireless: Wi-Fi as a Service 

SURFwireless offers access to Wi-Fi as a Service. The SURFwireless team takes charge of all purchasing, ensures that the necessary expertise is regularly updated, takes care of maintenance, monitors the system and even puts the Wi-Fi network out to tender on your behalf.  

Your institution will remain actively involved in the Wi-Fi network for the installation of the access points and the provisioning of first line support and the LAN. As is currently the case, SURFwireless allows you to apply specifications for each individual location (such as separate networks for research equipment or distinguishing different user groups). 

Innovation within SURFwireless

We are continuously working on the (further) development of SURFwireless. We investigate possible extensions of the service such as Wi-Fi calling, location-based services and private pre-shared key.

SURFwireless: pay per access point, per month

Institutions pay  per access point for SURFwireless. The rates for 2019 are:

  • Access point inside: EUR 27 per month, excluding VAT
  • Access point outside: EUR 55 per month, excluding VAT

This includes amongst others the costs of all hardware(replacements), staff, licences, tenders and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. This makes it easy to predict the total costs of the Wi-Fi network.

SURFwireless is available to all institutions connected to SURFnet. You can purchase SURFwireless per building (location) so that users do not encounter any problems with roaming.

More information

This is an optional SURFnet service.

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