A fast, reliable internet connection

Internet from SURF offers Dutch education and research a faster, reliable internet connection, from 1 to 100 Gigabits per second. With Internet from SURF, all users of the education and research communities are connected, and can collaborate nationally and internationally.
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Stable, fast internet

Internet from SURF provides stable, fast internet with unlimited bandwidth at no extra cost on an All-In network tariff for SURF members. Is your demand growing? Then your connection grows with it.

Global connectivity for education and research

With Internet from SURF, you are connected to the pan-European education and research network G√ČANT, Netherlight and the Amsterdam Internet Exchange.

24/7 support in case of malfunctions and security incidents

Via the SURF Helpdesk, you report malfunctions and operational actions. If you have questions about ongoing issues, our network manager will help you.

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Sander Klemann

Sander Klemann


The reliable SURF network

Via Internet from SURF you connect to our lightning-fast SURF network, which guarantees high availability at all times. Continuity is key in the SURF network: all routes are duplicated. All equipment is also provided redundantly to institutions. We carry out multiple activities to monitor continuity.

Separate routes

Gescheiden routes 2

Within the SURF network, each route is connected by at least two optical fibres. The two routes run along geographically separate paths. If there is a calamity on the main route, traffic goes via the second route. The urban rings within these rural rings are also redundant.

Redundant network

Redundant werken

It is not only important to build a redundant network, but more importantly to maintain it. To achieve this, a number of activities are carried out by SURF:

  • Continuous monitoring and anticipation to prevent failures (24/7)
  • Complete overview of the location of optical fibres available
  • Overview of planned work at member institutions and external parties

Support in case of malfunctions and incidents

Our SURFcert team provides 24/7 support for malfunctions and security incidents. Via the SURF Helpdesk you report malfunctions and operational actions. If you have questions about ongoing issues for which there is already a ticket number, our network management will help you.

All-In network tariff

From 2024, Internet from will fall under the All-In network tariff for SURF members. This means that institutions will no longer have to pay for Internet extensions. SURF will provide the required bandwidth at no additional cost. Extensions can be requested via