SURF Research Access Management

Safe and easy access to research services

SURF Research Access Management is a platform where, as an institution, you delegate access to research services to researchers. They themselves manage their research collaborations quickly, easily and securely. This service has been developed on the basis of existing and proven international agreements for authorisation and authentication within education and research.
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Insight and control

As an institution, you have an overview in one place of which research collaborations exist within your institution, who is a member and which services are used by them.

Save time

Let researchers arrange who belongs to their collaboration.


A national platform, based on internationally agreed standards such as AARC and EOSC, as a gateway towards the international research community.


Form your own policies and procedures based on SRAM's flexible roles and functionalities.


All users from inside and outside your institution log in with multi-factor authentication.

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Arnout Terpstra

Arnout Terpstra


About SURF Research Access Management

Researchers are increasingly working together: within their own institution, with other institutions or companies, and at home and abroad. Collaborations then want joint secure access to (cloud) applications, computing clusters, datasets or data storage. SURF Research Access Management provides Authentication and Authorisation as a Service for researchers and research supporters. It arranges secure access for web and non-web services, using institutional accounts wherever possible.

Video: SURF Research Access Management in 2 minutes

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Using this service: 3 options

Your institution can use SURF Research Access Management (SRAM) in different ways:

  • allow your researchers to become members (by invitation) of collaborations (by others),
  • as an institution, use SRAM to allow your researchers (or support staff) to create and manage collaborations themselves,
  • connect your own research services to SRAM so that you can give users from your own institution and beyond invitation-based access.

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Further information

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