Protects your e-mail against spam, phishing and viruses

SURFmailfilter allows you to manage your institution's e-mail streams and easily filter unwanted e-mail, regardless of the mail provider you use. Your outgoing e-mails comply with the latest e-mail standards and SURFmailfilter is also fully compatible with Microsoft 365.
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Management and control

SURFmailfilter helps you manage and keep an overview of your outgoing e-mail streams when sending e-mail from different systems. Moreover, you no longer have to make DNS changes for each system.

Easy to set up

You can make use of the various setting options per domain or subdomain. SURF provides good standard settings if you do not want to turn the knobs yourself.

Various filter techniques

Among other things, SURFmailfilter filters based on sending IP addresses, hashed text and also scans for viruses. In addition, it is possible to add or exclude your own filtering criteria.

Broad support

SURFmailfilter supports both IPv4 and IPv6 communication. Your e-mail traffic runs through the trusted SURF network and our reputable IP addresses, contributing to reliable e-mail delivery.

Outgoing e-mail meets latest e-mail standards

SURFmailfilter ensures that your outgoing e-mails comply with important Internet standards such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

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What is SURFmailfilter?

SURFmailfilter is a centralised service running at SURF that allows you to easily check and filter all incoming and outgoing mail from your institution for spam, phishing and viruses. This is done before the mail is delivered to your own mail server, or immediately after the mail is sent via your server. As a result, you no longer need to maintain your own spam and virus filter, or use it as an additional service to your e-mail provider's standard filters. SURFmailfilter is also redundant and takes care of your incoming e-mail messages if your mail server is temporarily down.

Expert support

If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact SURF's experts. Send an e-mail to

Who is SURFmailfilter intended for?

SURFmailfilter is available for all institutions connected to the SURF network and is used by ICT administrators.