The online repository for higher education

Save your research publications, thesis products and OERs digitally and sustainably and make them freely available via SURFsharekit, the open access repository service for higher education.
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Knowledge safely stored

Research publications, graduation products and OERs are stored securely and permanently in SURF's repository.

Sharing knowledge easily

Through SURFsharekit, you can easily share knowledge on platforms such as HBO knowledge base, Publinova, edusources, Wikiwijs and Edurep.

Collaborating on further development of SURFsharekit

Together, we work on infrastructure innovations that meet current needs.

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Dafne Vencken

Dafne Vencken


What is SURFsharekit?

SURFsharekit is the online repository for higher education, where research publications, thesis products and OERs are stored and shared in a sustainable way. Our priority is to promote open access, striving for maximum accessibility of materials. With SURFsharekit, we encourage knowledge sharing between 21 educational institutions in the Netherlands. The service complies with internationally applicable standards for the free exchange of information.

Making knowledge accessible

Via SURFsharekit, the knowledge products are then digitally accessible via various platforms:

Want to know more?

Want to know more about SURFsharekit? Then check out the additional information on the SURFwiki.