SURF Research Access Management: safe and easy collaboration in research services

With SURF Research Access Management, you can organise and manage access to research services quickly, safely, and at a low cost. It becomes easier to collaborate with colleagues inside and outside your institution. Log in with your institutional account and arrange access to services for your research collaboration yourself.

Onderzoekssamenwerking aan houten tafel

Quick and secure login

As a researcher you work together within your own institution, with other institutions or companies, nationally and internationally. You want secure access to (cloud) applications, computing clusters, datasets and/or generic data storage. Organising and managing access is complex and time consuming. Creating accounts, resetting passwords, and revoking rights cuts into your resources for actual research. With SURF Research Access Management, you can arrange secure access faster and easier - either with institutional identities or one of the available guest identity providers.

Why SURF Research Access Management?

SURF Research Access Management deals with a number of identity and access challenges:

  • How do you control access to web-based and non-web-based research resources?
  • How do you securely arrange guest use of research services for researchers from other institutions, companies or outside the Netherlands?
  • How do you deal with specific rights in research applications?
  • How do you document identification, authentication and authorization, and comply with the GDPR?
  • How do you limit the costs and time of the current way of organizing access (for example with guest accounts or 0-hour contracts)?

Would you like to apply for SURF Research Access Management?

Do you also want to use SURF Research Access Management? Contact your institution's IT department and ask about the possibilities, or contact SURF.

Would you like to read more about SURF Research Access Management as a service? Or would you like to know more about what the SURF Research Access Management team does for you, and what you still have to do yourself? Take a look at our wiki.