SURFsecureID: extra security for services with two-factor authentication

SURFsecureID makes access to online services more secure through multi-factor authentication. Users log in with a user name and password and with a second factor: an SMS, a USB key, a mobile app (tiqr) or their Microsoft token. SURFsecureID is highly suitable for services involving sensitive data, and for preventing abuse of accounts.

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Using SURFsecureID within your institution

Using SURFsecureID within your institution is very simple. You only need to go through two steps, after which you can immediately use the extra SURFsecureID authentication.

Two-factor authentication in 2 steps

First register your second factor (a USB key (Yubikey), mobile app (tiqr), text message or your Microsoft second factor) via the registration portal before you can use SURFsecureID. Then visit a service desk at your institution to have your identity checked. Your phone or USB key will then be active. From that point on, you can log in in 2 steps to all the services for which you have enabled extra authentication.

Rollout support

Would you like help in rolling out SURFsecureID in your institution? We can show you, for example, how other institutions have handled it. You can use our means of communication to ensure that the registration of users takes place quickly. To do this, use our flyers and manuals in the SURFtoolbox.

Who is it for?

SURFsecureID is available to all institutions affiliated to SURF. Would you like to get started with SURFsecureID?

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