Winner SURF Research Support Champion Awards 2023: Susan Berentsen

Susan Berentsen is a lecturer in HBO Nursing and a researcher at the University of Applied Sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen. As a pioneer in research integrity, she wins one of the SURF Research Support Champion Awards 2023.

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Research Support Champion Awards ceremony on 23 May 2023

On 23 May, Susan Berentsen was awarded the Research Support Champion Award 2023. Watch this celebratory moment below. You can read more about Susan and why she won the award below the video.

The moment Susan is handed the Research Support Champion Award 2023.

What do colleagues say about Susan?

SURF Research Support Champions Awards 2023 - Susan Berentsen with the award

Training in research integrity

Susan researches and gives training courses on research integrity. She wants to make the importance of research integrity a subject of discussion, while working towards shared norms and values for conducting good research. Susan is co-developer of the TETRIAS training ( for teacher-researchers and research teams.

Having a conversation

Having the conversation about dilemmas surrounding research integrity is a focus of Susan's training courses. For example, how do you recognise that integrity is coming under pressure? Susan gives training participants tools to deal with such dilemmas. This motivates her trainees to take care of the quality and transparency of their research, which in turn contributes to the way they handle their data.

Not the easy way out

What is special is that Susan addresses research integrity in the college setting, where research integrity has not been such a visible topic until now. So she does not choose the easy path, even if it sometimes takes more time and energy.

Making practical what seems abstract

Through her drive and enthusiasm, Susan actually makes the concept of research integrity, which initially sounds rather abstract to many students and teachers, practical and manageable. This puts the concept on the map within HAN, but also beyond, in discussions with ethics committees and lecturers at other universities of applied sciences. Through the appealing format of her training courses, she motivates colleagues to embrace the subject and pass on the knowledge and skills they have gained to their colleagues and students themselves.

Because she is so motivated to spread the subject, Susan delivers her TETRIAS training courses on research integrity at six different colleges. So she looks beyond her own institution. This also manifests itself through the publication of a paper on setting up a training course on research integrity, with a detailed roadmap. The aim of this is to also help others design high-quality training courses that fit the target group.


And Susan's work is now also being seen internationally. At the European H2020 project Path2Integrity, for instance, a presentation was made on the TETRIAS training.

What does the jury say about Susan?

Susan has a great impact on the people she speaks to and to whom she provides training. She is communicative and takes an active role in supporting researchers. Her role as an ambassador for research integrity is impressive. She is also making headway internationally in this field.

The jury is also impressed by Susan's activities with the Netherlands Research Integrity Network (NRIN) and the Network for Education and Research Quality (NERQ). In these networks, Susan shares her knowledge and experience on research integrity across Europe.

Read the entire jury report (PDF)

How does Susan hope to inspire others?

SURF Research Support Champions Awards 2023 - Susan Berentsen receives award

Susan: "The most important quality of a research supporter is passion, intrinsic motivation for your work. I myself am enthusiastic about research integrity, and that drive allows me to raise awareness of the topic more widely.

My tip: drink lots of coffee with people. Because I would not be able to spread the subject of research integrity on my own. Originally, I'm used to working energetically, doing things. But you also need to talk to a lot of people, I have since learned. After all, you need a network that helps you realise your ideas. That way, you can really make an impact!"

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