5x impact in 2021

Year after year, SURF and its members work to provide good and innovative ict for education and research. In 2021, we launched SURF's Strategy 2022-2027 and switched on a supercomputer named Snellius. We also signed several important contracts and DPIAs with big tech. Take a look at the highlights of 2021, all of which mark the excellence in the fields of education and research.
Snellius, de supercomputer

Snellius - the new supercomputer - goes live in 2021

Within high performance computing there are regional, national and European systems. In 2021, the new national supercomputer Snellius will be put into operation. With it, scientific research in the Netherlands can keep up with international competition.

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Launch of Value Compass in 2021

In three colours, three main values. Orange for autonomy, blue for justice and green for humanity. Although further digitalisation in education offers advantages, public values remain a factor which will have to be looked at explicitly. This increases the need to reassess public values. For this very reason the Value Compass was launched in 2021.

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Illustratie Google-artikel groot

Combining forces in 2021

With the increasing use of ict (market) solutions within education and research, the impact of combining each sectors strength and focus through SURF is growing, particularly in the area of (procurement) clustering. Public values are safeguarded. These solutions deliver great value to Dutch education and research because they are well considered designed, also with safe usability in mind. Resulting in savings of more than € 80 million.

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SURF Strategie 2022-2027 Cover

SURF Strategy 2022-2027 launched

When we analyse the developments in the world around us, we see that a great deal is changing. In the new SURF Strategy 2022-2027, which was approved by the Members' Council in 2021, we give substance to our mission: to make reliable and innovative ict facilities possible, so that Dutch education and research can excel in their area of expertise.

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Vier mensen aan een ronde tafel met laptops en presentatiescherm

International collaborations in 2021

Education and research do not stop at geographical borders. In 2021, there were many international collaborations in the field of research that SURF had a role in. That increased our impact. This is how SURF contributes to accelerated research. We have collected some examples of international research collaborations that illustrate our ambitions.

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