5x impact in 2022: More resilient together against (cyber) threats

There remains a strong need to invest in cybersecurity, as the Cyber Threat Assessment published annually by SURF again showed. The State of the art cybersecurity innovation zone was launched this year, as was the Security Expertise Centre. With these and other projects, we as a sector are making ourselves increasingly resilient to cyber threats.

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Security Expertise Centre launched

The Security Expertise Centre helps institutions make and keep themselves resilient against cyber security threats and attacks. In this partnership of institutions, SURF and external partners combine, develop and unlock security knowledge and expertise on a single platform.

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30 jaar SURFcert

SURFcert: strong together against cybercrime for 30 years

SURFcert celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2022. This CERT team consists of ten members, five of whom work at SURF's member institutions and five at SURF. That SURFcert has existed for thirty years shows that cybercrime is certainly not just of our time.

Interview with two SURFcert members

Cheque Security- en privacy-award 2022

SURF Security and Privacy Award 2022 for National Cyber Security Centre

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) won the SURF Security and Privacy Award 2022. The NCSC received the award for the way it organised the provision of information around the serious Log4j vulnerability, which came to light in late 2021. The approach taken encouraged low-level and international cooperation. The award was presented during the annual SURF Security and Privacy Conference.

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Omslagbeeld Cyberdreigingsbeeld onderwijs en onderzoek 2021-2022

Cyber threat picture education and research 2021-2022

Also in 2022, we released our annual Cyber Threat Assessment. In which we concluded, among other things, that there is an increasing threat within the education and research sector.

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Omslag van het SURFaudit-benchmark-rapport

SURFaudit information security benchmark

Our latest SURFaudit information security benchmark shows that institutions have made strides toward cyber maturity. But efforts are still needed to achieve the ambition of an average maturity level of 3.

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