SURFspot for students and staff

SURFspot is the ICT webshop that offers special educational discounts on software and hardware for students and staff in the higher and senior secondary vocational education sectors and employees at UMCs, libraries and museums. These customers can use SURFspot to order products from suppliers such as Adobe, Norton, McAfee and Microsoft.

Educational discount for students and staff

Students and staff can use SURFspot to buy software and hardware at the lowest price. They can choose from a selection of over 450 items from well-known suppliers. The products and prices displayed in the webshop will depend on the licences purchased from SURFmarket by the particular education institution. For most products, the education institution actually pays for a home licence. This is one of the reasons why SURFspot can offer the products with an educational discount.

For and by the education sector

All research universities, 39 universities of applied sciences, 38 senior secondary vocational education institutions and several other organisations have given their students and staff access to SURFspot. They can log in using the details which they also use to log into the website of their educational organisation. The webshop was set up in 2000 at the request of the higher education sector.

Latest modifications 30 Jan 2018

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