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Europe must not let the digital revolution happen, but must shape it itself

With a series of seven online seminars for administrators in education and research, SURF is initiating the discussion about how we as a sector can join forces to protect public values in ICT. We look back at the seminar series with some of the administrators present in three SURF Magazine articles.

With board member Rob Mudde, Vice Rector Magnificus of Delft University of Technology, we look back on part 2 of the seminar series. 

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Opname seminar publieke waarden in de studio

Board level attention enhances cybersecurity

On 18 March, 65 education, research and care institutions and SURF took part in the third - and this time largely online - edition of the large-scale cyber crisis exercise OZON. Recommendations were formulated specifically for board members of institutions to take the approach to a cyber crisis within their institution to the next level.

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Man in gele trui met CYBER erop achter de laptop

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Quantumtechnology on the rise

You hear more and more about quantum. What will it bring us in the future? How do you stay connected as an institution to this new and fast-growing technology, or do you not have to? The National Growth Fund recently allocated 615 million euros to the Quantum Delta NL programme. In the coming years, this programme will focus on the further development of the entire Dutch quantum sector. In this article, Axel Berg, innovation manager Lab at SURF, and Jesse Robbers, director of Quantum Delta NL, talk about the rise of quantum technology and what it means for education and research.

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Illustratie van campusgebouw met iconen van ICT-voorzieningen

How do they do it in Sweden?

Sunet is the SURF of Sweden. Like its Dutch counterpart, the Scandinavian organisation offers both a national network and a range of services. Some of these services are quite ambitious. Can we learn something from the Swedes?

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Research Support Champions

Research support champions in the spotlight

With the Research Support Champions, SURF puts research support in the spotlight; it is of great importance for the continuity of academic and applied research. Meet the 3 winners of 2021.

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Research support continues to be necessary for scientific research

SURF is putting research support in the spotlight; it is of great importance for the continuity of academic and applied research. The department is an important advisor and supporter, enabling researchers to do what they do best: new groundbreaking research.

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Research support blijvend noodzakelijk voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek
Yvonne de Haan

Talking about public values

The corona crisis is increasing the role of digitisation in education and with it our dependence on dominant market parties. SURF is organising a series of talks on protecting public values. With HAN board member Yvonne de Haan, we look back on the first three sessions.

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5x impact in 2020

5x impact in 2020

The efforts of SURF and our members in 2020 led to a large number of results and innovations. Sometimes very visible and concrete, sometimes more behind the scenes. All the results contributed to our common goal: top education and top research. Some of these results are reviewed here. This is by no means complete, as much more happened. This article gives a nice impression of our impact in 2020.

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Ger Reijnders

Always looking for the place of effort

Ger Reijnders recently stopped as Director of KIEN, an ICT cooperative in the Drechtsteden region and Alblasserwaard. KIEN is an organisation that is similar to SURF and SIVON, but at the regional level. What was the need, in his view, for (co-)founding KIEN? And what does he see as the strength and added value of a cooperative?

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One year of online education: time to decide what we want to keep

Last year, education institutions switched to fully online education almost within a single weekend. Directors Han van Krieken at Radboud University, Enno van der Werff at Alfa-college and Christien Bok at SURF look back on an eventful year.

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1 jaar online onderwijs
Screenshot video 'Effective Machine Learning using existing CPU infrastructure'

SURF, CERN and Intel use AI to enable complex research on existing infrastructure

Ron Augustus (chief innovation officer SURF) and Valeriu Codreanu (head of High Performance Computing and Visualization) in conversation about SURF's collaboration with CERN and Intel. They discuss the benefits of working with the market to arrive at the best AI solutions for applications relevant to SURF's members.

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Vrouw achter laptop op de bank

Zonder veel gedoe een vak bij een andere instelling volgen

In de pilot Studentmobiliteit zet de zone Flexibilisering van het Versnellingsplan Onderwijsinnovatie met ICT met drie universiteiten, een academisch ziekenhuis en SURF de eerste stappen naar een toekomst waarin een student zich zonder veel gedoe kan inschrijven bij een vak van een andere instelling.

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Samen weerbaar tegen cyberdreigingen: resultaten en conclusies uit het Cyberdreigingsbeeld 2020-2021

Het Cyberdreigingsbeeld 2020-2021 laat zien wat de belangrijkste dreigingen en risicofactoren waren in 2020. Veel instellingen stelden meer middelen beschikbaar en werkten meer en beter samen binnen de sector. Helaas neemt het aantal dreigingen nog steeds toe. In dit artikel een overzicht van de belangrijkste conclusies en aandachtspunten.

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Omslag van het rapport van het Cyberdreigingsbeeld
Molecuul SARS-CoV-2 door iSO FORM LLC

Corona research: no time to lose

Researchers who needed computing facilities for research into covid-19 could apply for these last spring via an accelerated application procedure at SURF and NWO. For this article, we asked some of them about their research, how they used SURF's services and what their (preliminary) results were.

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Femke Zomerman en Jelmer Schinkel

'I dare to ask questions online more quickly than in a crowded lecture hall'

Since the lockdown in March 2020, the lives of students have changed dramatically. Three of them tell how they experienced the transition to online education at the time.

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SURF Magazine 04-2020 voorpagina

What are we going to do as a cooperative in 2021 and 2022?

The SURF 2-Year Plan is the result of an extensive dialogue that we held with the members in 2020. Grouped into five sectors, they collected, discussed and described priorities. The discussion about the cooperative's course took place not only within each sector but also between the sectors. The same applies here: setting priorities means making choices, and that is what we have done. In 2021 and 2022, we will realise our joint ambitions within 7 themes. This article provides an overview of the agreements we have made for 2021 and 2022.

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Het nieuwe security operations center bundelt cybersecuritykracht

Het nieuwe security operations center bundelt cybersecuritykracht

Cybersecurity is een veelgevraagd en daardoor schaarser wordend specialisme. Juist daarom bundelt SURF de krachten steeds verder op dit gebied: we zijn bezig een eigen security operations center (SOC) op te richten. Waarom doen we dat? En hoe gaat zo’n SOC eruitzien?

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'Innovatie wordt gedreven door SURF, de leden én de markt'

Met het aantreden van CINO Ron Augustus (chief innovation officer) was in september 2020 de nieuwe raad van bestuur van SURF compleet, samen met Jet de Ranitz (CEO) en Hans Louwhoff (COO). In dit interview in SURF Magazine belichtten zij hun eerste indrukken, uitdagingen en ambities.

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Nieuwe raad van bestuur
studenten in de bibliotheek

Data competence centres connect people and technology

How do you make sure that scientists don't get lost while collecting, storing and processing research data? That is what new Data Competence Centres are designed to do. 

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Christien Bok achter laptop

Het post-coronatijdperk vraagt om een langetermijnvisie op publieke waarden

Onderwijsinstellingen zien zich geconfronteerd met een dilemma: hoe borgen ze publieke waarden bij de massale inzet van commerciële platforms voor online onderwijs? Karen Maex (UvA), José van Dijck (UU) en Christien Bok (SURF) over mogelijke oplossingen.

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figuur met data en netwerken

Nieuwe kansen dankzij artificiële intelligentie

Snel inzicht krijgen in enorme hoeveelheden data, de hoeveelheid netwerkverkeer van een instelling voorspellen, of onderwijs op maat voor elke student: SURF helpt zijn leden om het beste te halen uit artificiële intelligentie.

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On track for gold

TU Delft is working on models that can predict the wind forecast very accurately during the Olympic sailing regattas. The sailing regattas will be held in Sagami Bay. Due to the unique topographical conditions (a complex landscape and the proximity of the island of Oshima), the meteorological characteristics of this bay are quite complex and not well documented. The research team will therefore map the wind conditions of the bay and develop a forecasting system that will provide the Dutch sailing team with accurate and reliable wind data prior to each race.

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Paralympisch en meervoudig Europees en wereldkampioen Jetze Plat geeft  een demonstratie in de windtunnel van de TU Eindhoven

The difference between gold and silver

High-tech materials and advanced research must bring paralympic success at the Paralympic Games closer. In his PhD research, Paul Mannion (TU/e and National University of Ireland Galway) investigated the aerodynamic resistance of tandem cyclists and handbike riders. The extensive experimental and mathematical modelling work was unprecedented for Paralympic cycling and even for most other sports.

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