(Inter)national collaboration in education and research in 2023

At SURF, national and international collaboration is high on the agenda. See below how we joined forces in a variety of initiatives and with different organizations in 2023. 

MBO fully connected to SURF

studenten in bibliotheek

In 2023, Media College Amsterdam and Scalda joined SURF. This means that all institutions in the mbo sector are now a member of our cooperative.

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Great results member and customer satisfaction surveys 2023

studenten in Zwolle zitten op de grond met laptop

In 2023, the results of our member satisfaction survey showed that our members are very positive about the collaboration with SURF. Board members within institutions recognise and appreciate our three strategic roles of association, service provider and innovation workspace. Our services are also highly rated: in our customer satisfaction survey, users rated our services and support with an average of 8.

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Kick-off community Open Source Program Office (OSPO)

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There is a need for more open source in education and research. Therefore, we organised the kick-off of the Open Source Program Office (OSPO) community in 2023. An OSPO is a knowledge and expertise centre for open source. With this initiative, we want to encourage education and research to become less dependent on Big Tech, to apply more open standards and make more software available that has been financed with public funds.

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SURF expands collaboration with NVIDIA to advance AI and high performance computing

Neural network

SURF has expanded its collaboration with NVIDIA, world leader in artificial intelligence. The collaboration ensures that new technologies in AI and high performance computing become accessible to the Dutch research sector, enabling our researchers to achieve more groundbreaking scientific innovations and breakthroughs even faster.

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SURF realises new supercomputer together with Jules Verne consortium

Trede uit onderdeel supercomputer

The Jules Verne consortium, consisting of GENCI and CEA in France and SURF in the Netherlands, will host a new European supercomputer in France in early 2026. The supercomputer will further help Dutch researchers perform complex simulations in the fields of climate science, engineering, medicine and astronomy. 

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SURF and Quanza extend collaboration for faster and better network connectivity

SURF en Quanza tekenen

The quality of service of our SURF network received a new boost in 2023. We extended the collaboration with our network management partner Quanza for four years. With this renewed collaboration, the management of the SURF network will remain in trusted hands in the coming years and we will enable faster and better product development.

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