Robot op de SURF Onderwijsdagen 2023

Successful SURF events in 2023

In 2023, our SURF events achieved a record number of visitors. We organized a variety of events, from small meetups and trainings for experts and specialized audiences to large-scale events such as Research Day and the SURF Education Days.

Inspiring SURF Education Days 2023

Netwerkplein Onderwijsdagen 2023

The 25th edition of the SURF Education Days focused on improving and future-proofing education. In inspiring keynotes and a variety of sessions and unconference activities, education professionals learned how to prepare for the future of education.

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'The bottom on top' at SURF Networking Day 2023

Spoorwegmuseum SURF netwerkdag

'The bottom on top': with this theme, SURF organised a Networking Day for the education and research community on 20 June 2023. Visitors learned about trends in network technology, discussed real-life examples and attended inspiring sessions.

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Record number of visitors at SURF events in 2023

Sessie Research Day

We proudly look back on the 249 SURF events in 2023, which attracted over 12,700 participants. The successful 25th edition of SURF Education Days was attended by over 1,200 participants and SURF Research Day attracted 395 visitors. Over 2,000 employees from 72 different organisations took part in the OZON cyber crisis exercise and the SURF Network Day was also well attended with over 220 participants. Want to know what to expect this year? You can find all upcoming events in our calendar overview (in Dutch).

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