Domain security

Here you will find solutions that keep your end-points and network safe from viruses, malware, ransomware and unwanted intruders.

In the field of security, SURF offers a combination of its own services and contracts with third parties.

On the page 'Overview of vendors per domain' you can read which other vendors we have an agreement with. 

Own services

  • SURFsoc for the prevention and detection of cyber threats.
  • SURFcert provides 24/7 support in case of security incidents.
  • SURFaudit you can see what you need to arrange at least in terms of security and privacy.


Supply via third parties 

SURF Procurement & Contracting's range of services includes:


SURF is currently carrying out the following tenders:

SURF has completed the following tenders:

Pentesting 1 (also known as security 3)

Pentesting 2 (also known as security 3, II)

Security incident response & cyber forensics

Model contracts 

Vendor Service  Link to My SURF 
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