Domain security

Here you will find solutions that keep your end-points and network safe from viruses, malware, ransomware and unwanted intruders.

In the field of security, SURF offers a combination of its own services and contracts with third parties.

Own services

  • SURFsoc for the prevention and detection of cyber threats.
  • SURFcert provides 24/7 support in case of security incidents.
  • SURFaudit you can see what you need to arrange at least in terms of security and privacy.


Supply via third parties 

SURF Procurement & Contracting's range of services includes:


SURF is currently carrying out the following tenders:

SURF has completed the following tenders:

Pentesting 1 (also known as security 3)

Pentesting 2 (also known as security 3, II)

Security incident response & cyber forensics

Model contracts 

Vendor Service  Link to My SURFmarket 
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