edubadges: issuing digital certificates to students

edubadges is the digital certificates platform for the Dutch education community. edubadges enable you to award students or workers with evidence of knowledge and skills they have acquired. An edubadge is issued electronically within a secure and trusted SURF platform.

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A single platform for digital certificates

Issue edubadges digitally from within a safe and trusted platform. Find out what edubadges can do for you as an institution and for your students.

About edubadges

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Why edubadges?

Recognition for achieving learning outcomes

Reward your students with an edubadge for knowledge and skills they have acquired.

Lifelong learning

By issuing digital certificates, you help make a Dutch education more flexible and students and workers more mobile.

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20 institutions use edubadges

Does your institution already issue edubadges to students? There are now 20 institutions connected:

8 universities
8 universities of applied sciences
4 senior secondary vocational education (mbo) institutions

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Starting with edubadges step-by-step

Once your institution is affiliated with the edubadges platform, you can immediately start issuing your own edubadges. To find out what this involves, follow the step-by-step plan.

Practical examples

Be inspired by institutions and colleagues from the professional field who are already taking their first steps with edubadges.

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