Exploration Control of study data by students

Institutions collect a lot of data about and from students. More direction on this data from the student is desirable, so that the student has insight and control over the processing of personal data within the educational process. A survey was carried out to see what the possibilities are for an infrastructure for directing student data.

Vier studenten kijkend naar een mobiele telefoon

Collecting data

Some data must be collected by institutions, such as data for DUO, inspection or accountant, or test results. For other data collected, there is no legal obligation, but it is nice to have it. For example, it can be useful to have study data available from digital learning materials to enable adaptive learning or to provide better guidance for students.

The ball is in students' court

But shouldn't it be up to the student to decide who has access to the latter data? Shouldn't the student literally be allowed to push the buttons to decide whether or not he/she is allowed to collect and process study data? Commissioned by Doorpakken op Digitalisering and SURF, Dialogic carried out a foresight study to see what the possibilities, preconditions and possible partners for an infrastructure for such control of study data could be.


The study provides answers to the following questions: Why directing study data? How does an infrastructure facilitate control of study data? How to create an infrastructure? The last chapter contains a summary of the exploration with some important conclusions (and points of interest) to consider if we decide to develop an infrastructure for the direction of study data in the Netherlands.

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