Research information in hbo: exploring needs

In 2020, SURF carried out a foresight study to investigate how universities of applied sciences can best implement the registration of information on practice-based research. The aim is to meet the (information) need and thus make practice-based research manageable, accountable and findable.

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Below are frequently asked questions about open research data for colleges. Is your question not listed? Then get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

What is a PID?

Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) ensure that your data are and always remain findable. PIDs can be compared to an ISBN number for books. Even if the location or underlying infrastructure changes, the reference remains intact. Here is an overview from CERN or the ORCID website.

Which PIDs are there?

There are several types of PIDs for different entities. This guide (published on zenodo) can help you make a choice.

Do I choose ORCID or ISNI?

You can use both, it depends on the use case. If data needs to be exchanged between systems, then ORCID is a good choice. If you want to keep the functionality of a DAI, then ISNI is a better option.

A researcher has to create an ORCID himself and an ISNI is automatically generated by the library. See the KB's overview.

I have heard of the ORCID consortium. Should we join it?

For all ORCID consortium queries, please contact Tanya van Goch(

What is the difference between research data and research information?

When we talk about research data we are talking about data in and out of research while research information is metadata about research.

What is a (C)RIS?

CRIS stands for Current Research Information System. It is a database to record, manage and exchange research information (metadata). It can be used for:

  • Visibility: showcasing research
  • Reporting: internal and external accountability of research
Does the information in Publinova also go to OpenAIRE?

Currently, HBO Kennisbank provides information to OpenAIRE. In the future, information from Publinova will also be supplied to OpenAIRE.

What will happen to research information from the college now that NARCIS is off the air?

The just-launched Netherlands Research Portal replaces NARCIS. It was set up in collaboration OpenAIRE, UKB and SURF.